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Ahead of its September 1 launch, a supposed official promo video of the realme X7 Pro was leaked on Twitter.

The video follows a delivery guy as he suits up and goes for his route around the city while bringing the phone with him. It’s a very brief video but it further corroborates previous leaks like the “DARE TO LEAP” text on the back and the overall design of the new realme X7 Pro. Not much else was revealed in the video aside from the supposed photos taken which, quite honestly, is hard to tell with the resolution.

realme-x7-pro-video-leaked-2What looked like official images and specs of the realme X7 Pro were also spotted online which was one of the first times the design of the device was seen.

realme-x7-pro-video-leaked-3In addition, a poster was also seen revealing a possible third phone in the series with a Snapdragon 860. It is expected to be a variant of the X7 Pro, which many suspects to be the X7 Pro Player.

The wait isn’t too long now with the new X7 series being launched on Tuesday but it makes us wonder how much more will be leaked until then.



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