LG’s 24GL600F-B UltraGear™ Monitor Hits a Sweet Spot in Performance, Features, and Price


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LG is a household brand when it comes to displays – from their 4K TVs, to their gaming monitors, the brand certainly knows a thing or two about using its expertise to deliver visual products that offer great performance and useful features at competitive price tags.

24GL600F (42)

One good example is the 24GL600F-B, or to be more specific, LG’s 24” UltraGear™ Gaming Monitor.

Designed with Ease-Use and Compatibility

24GL600F (25)The 24GL600F-B features a matte black finish that should be a perfect fit for most desks and systems. It offers a wall-mounting option and is also ideal for a multi-monitor setup.

24GL600F (34)The stand allows for tilt adjustment, so you can set your viewing angle to your preference, improving your gaming experience.

24GL600F (27)You get a very minimal style with just the LG Branding. For connectivity, you get two HDMI ports, which means you can connect this not just to a desktop, but also to some laptops, and a DisplayPort (1.2). There’s even a headphone jack, though you’ll probably be using the one on your PC anyway.

Sheer Performance

24GL600F (65)The 23.6-inch TN Panel has a resolution of 1920 x 1080 or Full HD and a 16:9 aspect ratio, which means this monitor will go well even with entry-level gaming setups. Even better with more powerful ones.

24GL600F (83)You also get 144Hz refresh rate, paired with 1ms response time. That means you not only get fluid, snappy, and smooth visuals, but you also have that slight edge of a quicker response in fast-paced genres such as FPS shooters, allowing you take enemies down before they can even start shooting at you. If you’re using a Radeon Graphics Card, you can take advantage of FreeSync technology for reduced visual tearing.

Extra Features to Enhance Your Gaming Experience

24GL600F (15)24GL600F-B is loaded with a ton of extra features to enhance your experience.

  • Dynamic Action Sync which minimizes input lag for more responsive gameplay in RTS and FPS titles.
  • Black Stabilizer – Enhances visibility in deep-dark scenes without degrading image quality, so you can see your opponents’ better, helping you land that game-winning shot.
  • Crosshair – Having a hard time aiming? Put a crosshair on your screen for more precision.


The LG UltraGear™ gaming monitor lineup is priced at PhP12,599 for the 24-inch variant, PhP22,199 for the 27-inch variant, and PhP23,999 for the 32-inch model.

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