Next Generation Gorilla Glass – Victus Can Withstand 2 Meter Drops


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Corning recently announced the newest version of Gorilla Glass, which no longer follows the numerical naming convention that they’ve been using.

Gorilla Glass VictusVictus is made of new aluminosilicate glass that offers significantly improved resistance to scratches and can also perform better at surviving falls to hard surfaces compared to past versions. Tests indicated that it can survive a face-first fall on to a hard surface from 2m, which is around 6.5ft.

As a reference, Gorilla Glass 5 offered an 80% chance to survive when dropped from 1.6m. Gorilla Glass 6 delivered an improvement on the chance, but not on the height.

The new generation of Gorilla Glass is also twice as resistant to scratches, having survived an 8 Newton load while a competing glass suffered even more damage with only half that weight. Victus is also less prone to shattering due to deep scratches.

The first company that will use Gorilla Glass Victus on a product is Samsung. There are, of course, other brands, but the company remained tight-lipped on giving particulars.


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