Canon Announces Three New RF-Mount Prime Lenses


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Canon has just launched a trio of RF-mount prime lenses – the RF85mm f/2 IS STM, RF600mm f/11 IS STM, and RF800mm f/11 IS STM. The three fixed focal lenses will appeal to advanced amateurs, especially those focusing on wildlife or portrait photography.

The RF85mm f/2 IS STM offers more flexibility being able to shoot portraits and macro. The RF600mm f/11 IS STM and RF800mm f/11 IS STM, on the other hand, offer super-telephoto focal lengths at 600mm and 800mm at an affordable price.

RF85mm f/2 IS STM

The RF85mm f/2 IS STM continues the legacy of the EF85mm f/1.8 lens with a large f/2 aperture, macro function, and Hybrid Image Stabilization.

It has a minimum shooting distance of 0.35m and can achieve 0.5x magnification. This gives the photographer more opportunities for more creative and unique images. With this one lens, wedding photographers can shoot portrait shots as well as details of rings and other decorations.

RF600mm f/11 IS STM and RF800mm f/11 IS STM


Photo: Canon

The RF600mm f/11 IS STM and RF800mm f/11 IS STM are designed to break the notion that Canon’s EF mount super-telephoto lenses are expensive, large, and heavy. The two new Canon RF-mount lenses are affordable, compact, and lightweight.

Both lenses use a single DO (Diffractive optical element) lens which contributes to its being lighter. This is, of course, compared to the more traditional multiple lens elements at the front of the lens. In addition, the two RF-mount lenses use high-strength plastics.

On top of the lighter build, both lenses have a retractable structure making them more portable. The lens barrel can be extended when shooting while rotating the lock ring on the mount retracts this.

The two Canon RF-mount lenses also have Canon’s Optical Image Stabilizer. The RF600mm f/11 IS STM achieves an image stabilization effect of up to 5 stops while the RF800mm f/11 IS STM achieves an effect of 4 stops.

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