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As a regular employee, you have probably don’t care about your issued work laptop or computer as long as it works. Ofcourse, you have your company’s IT department to figure out what PC or Laptop specifications required to run your office software suite. That includes Microsoft Office applications, internet browsing, and even multitasking. Unfortunately due to Covid-19, almost all companies are pushed to a digital transformation resulting in employees working at home. Employees either taking home their office PC, getting a company-issued laptop or worse, buying their own PC or laptop. Laptops are the easy path to go as long as you have at least 20k in your pocket for a barely usable office machine. A cheaper route is getting your own PC but it requires knowledge in choosing the right parts or package. If you don’t have the luxury to research then you’re in luck as we’ve prepared the best work home office PC build for only 10,000 pesos.

We opted to use Lazada for our Php 10k office PC build considering the COVID-19 pandemic with cities placed under Enhanced Community Quarantine or General Community Quarantine. Using Lazada also opens up different payment options for customers such as credit card, Paymaya, and LazWallet. It lessens the risk of exposure versus going out and pickup up pc components in a store. Moreover, you can use promo codes or wait for flash sales to get a discount from the overall price.


  • Prices listed are based on Lazada Philippines
  • All parts in the 10k PC Build Guide are brand new, getting second-hand parts is an option though you should be aware of the risks if you want to pursue getting 2nd hand
  • Prices used are based on the time of writing. Prices may change in the future. Click the links for updated pricing and stock availability.
  • Prices do not include shipping.
  • The links contain our affiliate link which gives us a small commission if ever you decide to purchase one of the things listed in this article. If you do not want to use our affiliate link, simply search for the items in the Lazada app or browser.

Php 10k WFH Office PC Build Guide

Php 10,000 Office PC Build Guide
MODEL Lazada Price
CPU: AMD Athlon 3000G ₱ 2,776
Motherboard: ASUS Prime A320M-K ₱ 2,750
RAM: Kingston HyperX Fury 8GB 2666Mhz ₱ 1,900
Storage: Kingston A400 240GB M.2 SSD ₱ 2,150
Case with Generic PSU ₱ 900
Total(excluding shipping) ₱ 10,471

CPU: AMD Athlon 300G Processor

Php 10k Work From Home PC Build Guide - AMD Athlon 3000G

Php 10k Work From Home PC Build Guide – AMD Athlon 3000G

AMD has almost dominated every price segment in the market with its various SKUs ranging from budget offerings to flagship models. For a 10k peso budget for our office build, the Athlon 3000G 2-core/4-thread processor is a reasonable choice. While we prefer getting a true quad-core processor, it’s not possible for a 10k budget unless we opt for older, less powerful CPUs. The Athlon 3000G is also equipped with integrated Radeon Vega 3 Graphics which is more than enough for a traditional office PC.

If you want a more powerful setup, go check out our 15K Work From Home Office PC Build Guide.

Motherboard: ASUS Prime A320M-K

Php 10k Work From Home PC Build Guide - ASUS Prime A320M-K

Php 10k Work From Home PC Build Guide – ASUS Prime A320M-K

The ASUS A320M-K motherboard is not the cheapest option in Lazada. Yes, there are way cheaper A320M motherboards such as ECS and other Chinese branded ones, but there’s no purchase history and reviews of those products. The ASUS Prime A320M-K is a reliable motherboard thanks to its build quality. If you want to save 200-500 pesos, then feel free to opt for another brand. Just remember to pick an A320M AM4 socket motherboard for compatibility. The main reason why we opted for the ASUS Prime A320M-K is that it has the classic VGA port and an HDMI 1.4a port to match any monitor that you use.

RAM: Kingston HyperX Fury 8GB 2666Mhz

Php 10k Work From Home PC Build Guide - HyperX 8GB RAM

Php 10k Work From Home PC Build Guide – HyperX 8GB RAM

The Kingston HyperX Fury 8GB 2666Mhz memory isn’t the cheapest option in Lazada. We opted for this ram for its build quality, speed, and capacity. The processor, while deemed weak by enthusiasts, is actually a well-rounded CPU provided you equip it with the proper RAM. Having a high-speed 8GB memory instead of the cheapest 4GB option ensures you can open almost any office or work-related application without any hiccups that disturb your overall workflow. Moreover, Chrome and large Excel spreadsheets would thank you for the extra memory.

Storage: Kingston A400 240GB M.2 SSD

Php 10k Work From Home PC Build Guide - Kingston A400 SSD

Php 10k Work From Home PC Build Guide – Kingston A400 SSD

Our choice of storage is what makes our Work From Home Office PC build unique and fast compared to the desktop packages offered by most retailers. An SSD is at least five times faster than a traditional hard drive. Having an SSD for your office PC build is a day and night difference as it makes everything load faster and snappier. Ofcourse, one downside is that while it may be at least 5x faster, you’ll be getting one-fourth the storage of a similarly priced hard drive. Nonetheless, this shouldn’t be an issue if you’re only dealing with office documents.

Case and Powersupply

Php 10k Work From Home PC Build Guide - case

Php 10k Work From Home PC Build Guide – Case and Powersupply

As a PC Enthusiast and Gamer, getting a generic or non-branded power supply is a sin. But luckily, we’re building the cheapest yet above-average work from home PC there is and the power supply and case are the least things to worry about. This 900 peso computer case and power supply combo are enough to run our 10k PC build so we’ll go with it for the sake of not overspending.

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