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February was quite a mixed bag full of new IPs. We had a creators paradise in Dreams Universe while Dawn of Fear was a mediocore throwback to classic horror with potential. As March sets in, here’s to a new month and new line-up of games.

Here’s our picks for games to look out for in March, along with a few notable re-releases:

Animal Crossing: New Horizons (March 20 – Nintendo Switch)


Everytime a new Nintendo console comes out, you really can’t expect this title to not make an appearance. That’s actually a good thing for us as Nintendo Switch owners will soon be able to experience living the life with the latest installment entitled Animal Crossing: New Horizons. You can expect the same nonlinear life simulation gameplay, guiding your human avatar through, well… life, within the community of talking animals. Sounds like your cup of tea? Watch our for it soon!


Doom Eternal (March 20 – PC, PS4, Xbox One)


Launching on the same day as Animal Crossing is a game that is the complete opposite of what calmness and serenity is, creating a fantastic meme between the 2 communities.

Doom 2016 was a triumphant return of the iconic FPS series to form for a new generation of gaming. Playing as the Doom marine taking on the forces of Hell has never been so much fun, with badass moves and weapons, and to the tune of a hardcore metal soundtrack. Naturally, the battle against hellish imps never ends, that’s why we’re getting Doom Eternal. It may not be a numbered title, but it’s touted as a direct sequel to Doom 2016, so you can expect the same of everything that made the previous title so awesome and with a whole lot more!


Half-Life: Alyx (March 23 – PC)


Even if it’s a prequel, Alyx is the closest to a new Half-Life in a long time, this time playing an iconic series character Alyx Vance. Maybe Gordon Freeman will be playable again in a proper Half-Life sequel? Whichever the case, what Half-Life Alyx has going for it is being more than just a VR demonstration, promising to be a full fledged game taking complete advantage of the VR experience. A very bold statement, which hopes to live up the its Half Life name. It’s not Half Life 3, but at this point anything is better than nothing!


Persona 5 Royal (March 31 – PS4)


The hype for Persona 5 isn’t dying out any time soon, with the Phantom Thieves practically breaking their way into other media and even other games (looking at you Smash Bros.). Just like Persona 4 Golden, Royal is going to be an enhanced version of the base game, with new characters like Kasumi, as well as added gameplay features along with an extra school semester. It may be treading familiar ground, but it should be worth going back to even just to listen again to that awesome soundtrack.

Oh, and also these limited editions are something we’re sure you’d want as well!


Bleeding Edge (March 24 – PC, Xbox One)


Another entry in the long list of online multiplayer arena battle games, this time from Ninja Theory. Now while most would want to forget DmC Devil May Cry, Bleeding Edge looks promising with it’s gameplay and diverse line-up of characters to use, with a focus on melee attacks more than range. We’ll just have to see if this title will have what it takes to stand alongside the big boys like Overwatch.




There are also quite a number of games that are making a comeback this March starting off with Castlevania: Symphony of the Night surprising everyone with a Mobile port available across iOS and Android devices. Doom 64 is making a splash as well, releasing on March 20 along with its big brother Doom Eternal. Lastly, the Legends of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III will finally make its way to the Nintendo Switch on March 23.

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