Huawei’s AX3 Router Ushers the Era of Wi-Fi 6


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Apart from phones, tablets and laptops, Huawei is also one of the most established brands in routers and network equipment.


Photo: Huawei

At its recent launch event, the company unveiled its newest Wi-Fi router, which is touted to usher in the era of Wi-Fi 6. Meet the Huawei AX3.

As you know, most devices these days use Wi-Fi 5. But with the growing demand for faster and more reliable connectivity, a new standard had to be set in place. Wi-Fi 6 is at the core of this new device, delivering better speeds, the capacity for more connected devices, less latency, and less power consumption.

The router is equipped with a self-developed Wi-Fi chipset that supports 160MHz frequency bandwidth. This in turn, allows for optimal speed and efficiency on Wi-Fi 6-capable Huawei Smartphones.

Huawei Wi-Fi 6-capable phones are also able to send signals in a 2MHz narrow bandwidth. These signals are also able to easily penetrate walls and floors. That means the phone can have good reception even when it’s far from from the router.

AX3 also packs a quad-core Gigahome CPU, which allows it to unleash theoretical speeds of up to 3000Mbps. Buffering and lagging will be a thing of the past. It can also send data to multiple devices simultaneously. That’s up to 4 devices on the 2.4GHz band, and up to 16 devices on the 5GHz band.

With 4 independent power amplifiers, AX3 can easily handle Wi-Fi dead zones, boost weak connections, and deliver enhanced wireless coverage. With Huawei Share, you’ll be easily able connect to AX3 with your smartphone just by a simple tap.

AX3 is also designed to perform reliably through the years. Thanks to HarmonyOS, which tackles stability issues and applies optimization in every aspect.

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