Genshin Impact, the once infamous Breath of the Wild clone, is looking good in this gameplay video

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Remember back when a man totally wrecked his PlayStation 4 when Genshin Impact, a title many believed to be a straight up Breath of the Wild clone, was announced? You may not have heard of it, but allow us to refresh your memory with this post by Twitter user Daniel Ahmad.

It was quite the story last year, and with fairly good reason. When the screenshots were first released, it REALLY looked like a direct and shameless clone of the Zelda masterpiece.

Fast forward to 2020 and a new clip courtesy of IGN Japan shows us more of Genshin Impact in action and we’ve got to say, it ain’t looking like a clone no more:


This action RPG from developer Mihoyo has surely been inspired by BOTW, but it’s safe to say that based on the video above, Genshin Impact is certainly a game of its own. Sure there are similarities, like the gliding mechanic as well as the cooking feature and even the overall feel of the open world, but it would be thoroughly unfair to call it a clone.

Boasting a look and battle system similar to something you’d expect from the “Tales” franchise, Genshin Impact allows you to switch characters on the fly during battle and perform flashy moves and combos that looks like a fancy light show.

Each character shown in the video wields a different weapon type, showing the variety of gameplay you can expect from the game. Some adventurers also have certain skills that will guide you past obstacles as you explore the world.

There is no release date yet for Genshin Impact but signs point to a 2020 release for the PlayStation 4, so stay tuned for more news about this title!

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