RUMOR: Kojima in talks with Konami to possibly work on a new Silent Hill


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To be taken with a huge grain of salt, there are rumors circulating that Hideo Kojima is in talks with Konami to work on a NEW Silent Hill game. A reddit thread recently “spilled the beans” on some new info about this deal that’s happening between Konami and Kojima, making a number of points:

– I’ve known since Death Stranding went gold. I’ve waited to speak because no one would have believed me until some events happened (Kojima speaking about wanting to make an horror game and Imaizumi departure)

– Everything isn’t settled yet, but Konami and Kojima are speaking about pre-production stuff, right now. The deal seems to be settled. Konami will land the Silent Hill IP to Kojima production and Kojima production will fund the game on themselves (third-party is helping, Microsoft, Sony or even Steam, but I’m not sure which one). Konami will have a say on the main actor, but that’s it, Kojima should get a white card, like originally planned.

– That’s the reason behind Kenichiro Imaizumi departure from Kojima Production. He couldn’t take working “for” Konami, even if it’s from afar. Kojima really want to finish Silent Hill “PT” and think his fans deserve it, even if he has to shallow some of his pride (and he did). Imaizumi went against it as hard as it could, to no avail (fortunately).

– The initial vision of Silent Hill “PT” will be the same, with a different main character (no Norman Reedus). They’ll try to get as many famous names as they can in the project.

– Third person. Not an FPS like the teaser was.

– Silent Hill wasn’t the reason Kojima had problems with Konami, it was entirely on MGSV.

– It seems Kojima being able to pull out Death Stranding from scratch redeemed him in Konami’s eyes. I’m not sure if it was said elsewhere, but Death Stranding is a huge hit worldwide, sales-wise. That might have helped a little too.

Death Stranding has been a massive success, although reviews have been quite mixed. After the cancellation of PT, fans have clamored for another Horror game from Kojima and recently, it has been revealed that Kojima does want to make another Horror game.

We’re doubting this rumor (for now) since the Konami and Kojima split was very messy but it’s good to note that the thread has not been closed since the moderator has received some evidence to back up the claim.

Will it be a new Silent Hill? Maybe continue PT? Death Stranding inspired? Right now we know nothing for certain but one thing we do know is that we all want to see Kojima create something horrifying for us, whether it be for the current generation of systems or for the next generation.

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