Qualcomm Continues Business with Huawei, at Least for Products that are Exempted from US Ban


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As we all know, Huawei is currently under the effects of the 90-day reprieve that the U.S government has granted, allowing the company to still do business with U.S companies, to an extent.

With about a month and a half to go before this reprieve expires, the future is still unknown for Huawei. Despite being under these circumstances, there’s still quite a bit of good news, at least.

Qualcomm is continuing to do business with Huawei, selling products that are exempted from the U.S Ban. The company has also applied for licenses to continue doing sales with the tech giant on a more long-term basis, and are waiting for hopefully, a favorable response.

For the chip maker, China is a key market, being home to some of its clients, including Oppo, Vivo, and Xiaomi.

A letter from the Semiconductor Industry Association, which Qualcomm is a part of. was also reportedly sent to U.S President Donald Trump, urging the government to fulfill its promise of easing up the ban on sales.

ARM has also confirmed that it will continue to license its chip design architecture to Huawei and HiSilicon, as the patents were developed from technologies originating in the U.K, and is thus,  unaffected by the U.S ban.

Under the temporary reprieve, Google may continue to provide key security updates to Android, but this is only for existing Huawei phones. As such the recently launched Mate 30 series didn’t come with Google services and apps.

It’s looking a bit shaky, isn’t it? but let’s hope for the best. Since in the end, more options for consumers, the better, right?

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