Redmi Note 7 survives space in latest durability test!


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The Redmi Note 7 has seen quite the variety of durability tests including being stomped on by people and being used as a chopping board in cutting fruits. But as the ultimate test for their new phone, Redmi sent the Redmi Note 7 to space to take pictures at an altitude of 31,714m before falling back down.

The phone has the title of being the first Xiaomi mobile device that went to the stratosphere. It survived up to 2KPA atmospheric pressure and up to -58 degrees Celsius (with an internal temperature of 4 degrees Celsius) in a truly impressive feat of durability.

redmi note 7 space photo 1

Photo: Xiaomi Twitter

redmi note 7 space photo 2

Photo: Xiaomi Twitter

redmi note 7 space photo 3

Photo: Xiaomi Twitter

redmi note 7 space photo 4

Photo: Xiaomi Twitter

The Redmi Note 7 found its way back into the ground as the balloon popped. It not only survived the trip to space and back, but it also took pretty beautiful photos of the curvature of the Earth as well as looked to have found its way back seemingly unscathed. It could be said the Redmi Note 7 space mission was a success and the phone is just out of this world!

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