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After DxOMark teased the camera of the OnePlus 7 Pro, the device has finally been launched. The new phone from OnePlus marks up at an overall score of 111 just one point shy of the Huawei P30 Pro and Samsung Galaxy S10 5G.

Based on the photos from GSMArena, it shows a wide dynamic range that preserves both highlights and shadow details. This is expected given its high score in DxOMark.

oneplus 7 pro dxomark 2

Photo: GSMArena

Their shots in sunny conditions also show beautiful color reproduction with neutral white balance and strong saturation. The camera also does well in controlling the noise, especially in brighter lit scenes. But according to the report, the same can’t be said in lower light with noise being more noticeable in dark parts.

oneplus 7 pro dxomark bokeh rear

Photo: GSMArena

The OnePlus 7 Pro rivals both the Galaxy S10 5G and P30 Pro in the Portrait mode department. The photos show relatively accurate subject masking, a natural look to the background blue, and a pleasant blur gradient.

oneplus 7 pro dxomark zoom

Photo: GSMArena

The one zoom photo from the phone shows good results in close range but they do mention that it struggles in medium range because of desaturation and more noise.

oneplus 7 pro dxomark front

Photo: GSMArena

The selfie cam of the OnePlus 7Pro got a score of 86 from DxOMark, which places it close to the top of the group for the front camera performance. It looks to perform well by delivering good color and skin tone rendering and exposure in faces.

oneplus 7 pro dxomark group selfie

Photo: GSMArena

While it does well in actual selfies, it does seem to struggle with group selfies. The lack of autofocus for group selfies makes people in the back seem out of focus. They also report that despite producing natural-looking bokeh shots, it can come with subject isolation artifacts.

oneplus 7 pro dxomark selfie portrait

Photo: GSMArena

The video from the front-facing camera looks is reported to show good target exposure and natural skin tones. Noise and noise-related artifacts do show in low-light footage as well, though.


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