Futuristic prototype desktop motherboard revealed, Prime Utopia!


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A new desktop motherboard prototype has been unveiled at Computex 2019 by ASUS – the Prime Utopia.

The motherboard is engineered with a range of cooling enhancements to unleash the full might of the high-core-count processors and high-performance system components.

utopia prime 5One of these features is the placement of the PCIe slots at the back of the board for better thermal management. This frees up the prime estate in the front for more expansion cards and M.2 drives and enables heat from next-gen CPU, GPU, and M.2 drives to be managed better for better performance.

utopia prime 6

The Prime Utopia also features integrated water cooling that helps manage heat generated when fueling high core count processor. This is done through the custom water-cooling loops made easier by the introduction of the proprietary, patent-pending Hydra Cortex fan header. The Hydra Cortex header can be connected and control up to four fans individually, simplifying cable routing to water cooling radiators. The company is already working with partners to develop fans that are compatible with the new technology.utopia prime 4

The prototype also features a modular rear I/O and offers a selection of modules for users to choose their preferred ports and connectivity.

utopia prime 2

The Prime Utopia comes with a 7-inch full-color OLED panel with touch-control which can be connected via cable or Wi-Fi. This allows the user to modify BIOS settings, control fan speeds, turn the system on or off, or monitor real-time system stats.


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