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Xiaomi has worked hard to make their MIUI better by integrating better features. And recently, they’ve made a list of features that they have decided to add in the latest MIUI build along with ones that have will debut shortly. They’ve also shared a list of those that are being considered and thus may or may not be included.

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Here are the features that Xiaomi has decided to included in MIUI:

  1. An option to show lock screen while using face unlock in place of direct unlock that enables entry to the home screen
  2. Xiaomi Music app to get a new sound effect
  3. Enchanced Dolby sound via software optimization
  4. Simultaneous functioning of Face Unlock and fingerprint sensor
  5. Optimized interface to get rid of virus scan reminder
  6. Voice commands for screen wake-up function
  7. A one-click command for clean-up
  8. Album privacy for videos in the gallery
  9. Global Night mode
  10. Vertical top text for photo editing
  11. Redesigned App Store
  12. Display of charging status and power level on the screen

And here are the features that Xiaomi plans to include in future builds:

  1. Automatic deletion of the installation package after the app installation
  2. Reduction in false touch
  3. Internal recycle bin for photo albums
  4. Crop support for images on 18:9 display
  5. Enhanced App permission management
  6. Optimized voice-activated shutter feature
  7. Child Mode
  8. Bluetooth stereo support for gaming
  9. Internet speed and traffic management
  10. Emergency contact info on lock screen
  11. Redesigned animation for charging

Here are the features that are being considered, but may or may not make the cut:

  1. Addition of ‘read’ and ‘delete’ button in the notification bar
  2. Integration of Mi-Pay and third-party payments
  3. Redesign pattern unlock interface
  4. Custom toolbox and options for games
  5. Automatic deletion of unwanted messages
  6. Enhanced quick reply feature
  7. SMS cloud sync for select contacts
  8. Screen capture and deletion
  9. Zooming ability for videos
  10. Overwrite the original image after editing
  11. Video stitching feature
  12. One-click delay for an even reminder
  13. Ability to view traffic consumption on Mobile Hotspot
  14. Enhanced keychain function.

If you want to see the full list, click here. Do note that it’s in Chinese, so you may have to use Google Translate.


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