What do we expect at 2019 Smart Education Expo?


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Education needs a lot of boost in terms of innovation and digital transformation. In today’s landscape, the education system is challenged to meet the changes of how students learn and grow their skills. What if there’s an expo that will bring together world-renowned educational leaders, institutions and professional experts to share their policy and insights on future education development?

This coming March 26 to 29, the Insitute of Information Industry (III), an NGO based in Taiwan, organized Smart Education Expo 2019. The objective of the expo is to explore innovative ideas for future educational development. For the first time, they will hold an Education Forum along with 2 Education Talks focusing on Smart Campus Development STEAM Education. Higher Education Industry Solutions Director at Microsoft, Dr. Alexandros Papaspyridis, Director General of Technology and Higher Education Resources, Dr. Ali Ghufrom Mukti, and Director of Tampere LUMATE Centre, Dr. Riikka Lahtinen, will be further accompanied by education leaders from 10 different countries to address their extensive knowledge and experiences in developing strategies in EdTech industry, innovative STEAM education.

We are fortunate to be one of the media delegates to cover the event this March. We encourage you to check our website and social media pages for our coverage. We came up with a short wishlist of what we want to see at the expo floor.

  1. Virtual Reality in the classroom: we want to see how education experts see the value of VR in the education system. VR offers a different sense of immersion and learning, which makes it an interesting tool for people in the academe to consider integrating it to their system.
  2. Augmented Reality for total immersion: Also known as AR, this is an interesting tool, which puts students to an environment that will make them feel involved. We would like to see some demo or discussion in the expo floor.
  3. Teachers – Students – Parents/Guardian Companion App: The system of monitoring the progress of students needs adapt to the new challenges or needs of the education system. This isn’t just about getting paperless, but to put more value on learning analytics and insights that can eventually help students grow and learn.
  4. Gaming and Learning: Video games are often seen as taboo at school, but what about putting up a gamification strategy to lessons or subjects to make it more appealing for learners.

Those are just some of our wishlists that we hope to be discussed and showcased at the upcoming 2019 Smart Education Expo. Without intending any puns, we want to be educated. If you want to know more about this upcoming expo, feel free to visit https://en.smartcity.org.tw/index.php/en-us/expo/smart-ed.

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