OPPO R17 Pro vs Huawei Mate 20 Night Photography Shootout


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OPPO has been wildly focused on promoting and marketing their current premium product, the OPPO R17 Pro. Feedback has been generally good about their latest product, and we can’t be really too quick to judge whether it’s priced correctly or not. There are, however, some things that are certain about R17 Pro: it’s made with premium materials and it has features that can definitely compete toe-to-toe with other flagship smartphones.

This comparison focuses on one of the most celebrated features of the R17 Pro, the ability to take stunning gorgeous night shots; and what better way to see how it really performs than comparing it to another equally premium smartphone that also excels in that department, the Huawei Mate 20.

46647910 510695129424369 8469870409032925184 nCheck out the photos we took below and see how both phones shine in terms of using this mode:

OPPO R17 Pro vs Mate 20 2OPPO R17 Pro vs Mate 20 3OPPO R17 Pro vs Mate 20 4OPPO R17 Pro vs Mate 20 5OPPO R17 Pro vs Mate 20 6OPPO R17 Pro vs Mate 20 7OPPO R17 Pro vs Mate 20 8OPPO R17 Pro vs Mate 20 9

I noticed that while both phones ace their respective performance in night mode photography, I’m very surprised how OPPO R17 Pro can keep up with Mate 20. The latter has a more sophisticated set of cameras and more powerful chipset. AI photography plays pretty well on both devices, and it’s interesting to see how OPPO R17 Pro is implementing it on mobile photography.

Photos look good as you can see above. Since Mate20 has a more powerful sensor and camera set, you will notice significant difference in some photos when you zoom in to specific parts of the photos. Photos we took using Mate 20 has more details to show and the amount of noise generated is not as much as the ones taken on OPPO R17 Pro. The latter on the other hand, produces clear, vibrant and lively night shots, thanks to its AI Ultra-clear Engine and its camera with Smart Aperture. The technology may be likened to Samsung Galaxy S8+ where the aperture level is variable and can be set manually. In OPPO R17 Pro’s case, the aperture automatically adjusts from f/1.5 and f/2.4 depending on the amount of light that it needs to snap a photo with the right combination of settings.


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