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smart opensignal 1In this age of an on-the-go lifestyle, watching videos on mobile devices has been the trend. As such, it’s important for carriers to provide its customers with the best viewing experience, through fast and reliable networks.

Recently, OpenSignal, an independent mobile analytics company, released a new report (which now includes Asian carriers) that details the mobile video experience in Singapore, Australia, Taiwan, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia and the Philippines.

In its per-operator study, Smart garnered a score of 42.2, beating its closest competitor’s score of 29.2. The score is even higher than the Philippines’ overall rating of 34.98.  Proof that the Telco is providing its customers the better mobile video experience in the country. The score is also comparable with US Telcos – AT&T at 40.88, and Sprint at 41.1.

According to OpenSignal’s latest mobile networks update in August, Smart leads nationwide download speeds at 13.09Mbps vs competitor’s 7.34Mbps, as well as in all measured areas – 15.24 Mbps in National Capital Region (vs. 8.43 Mbps); 13.48 Mbps in North Central Luzon (vs. 6.02 Mbps); 10.59 Mbps in South Luzon (vs 6.47 Mbps); 10.49 Mbps in the Visayas (vs 7.42 Mbps); and 12.23 Mbps in Mindanao (vs 6.95 Mbps).

Built on an International Telecommunications Union – based approach on measuring video quality, OpenSignal’s metrics reflect exactly what customers are experiencing when they watch videos, and is based on real-world measurements of video streams from the world’s largest video content providers.

To Enjoy Smart’s high-speed LTE network, there are three factors to consider:
  • The user must have an LTE-Ready SIM card that’s already available for purchase in most retail outlets. To check if you need a SIM Upgrade, text SIMCHECK to 5832 for FREE.
  • The user must be in an LTE-Covered area. Smart is in fact, nearing the completion of its LTE rollout, which should provide high-speed mobile Internet to 90% of the country’s municipalities by the end of the year. To check if your area has Smart LTE coverage, click here.
  • The user must have an LTE-Capable device. In partnership with Samsung, OPPO, and Starmobile, Smart is offering LTE-capable smartphones at affordable prices (Samsung J2 Core, OPPO A71, and Starmobile Play Click LTE).

To view OpenSignal’s blog post on this matter, click here.

Emman has been writing technical and feature articles since 2010. Prior to this, he became one of the instructors at Asia Pacific College in 2008, and eventually landed a job as Business Analyst and Technical Writer at Integrated Open Source Solutions for almost 3 years.

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