ASUS Republic of Gamers Teases a phone! Could this be the ROG phone we’ve been waiting for?

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Could this really be the ROG Phone we’ve been waiting for? We’ve got plenty of reasons to believe that ASUS Republic of Gamers is launching a phone this June 4, 2018 at Computex Taiwan. Jerry Shen and other ASUS executives hinted about this last April, and it seems that even ASUS can’t help but give everyone a teaser that hyped us up.

Here’s an image hotspot that you can check out. Click the bubbles for details.

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Our predictions:

  • SNAPDRAGON 845: The phone is likely to rock the latest Snapdragon 845, which also powers the ASUS Zenfone 5z. The latter will be available this June 2018 in the Philippines, so there’s a chance that the ROG phone might be available later this year.
  • 18:9 or 19:9 display: There’s no point of going back to 16:9 or 4:3, unless ASUS wants to be labeled as “outdated”. ASUS latest smartphone lineup already sports all-screen 19:9 display, so it will be quite dumb for ASUS to introduce a gaming phone with 4:3 display. Besides, smartphones with widescreen displays give more immersive visual and gaming experience, so the ROG phone will definitely have one.
  • Not Notched: Put this with a grain of salt, but the ROG phone might not have a notched display. While Android 8.0 already has software customization options to turn the notch off and on, gamers still prefer a display without a notch.
  • A dedicated hot switch for Game Mode: The image ASUS ROG showed today seems to have a dedicated hot switch to initiate Game Mode. However, based on the 3D rendering, it seems that it isn’t integrated on the phone but on the dock, which may also be used as the controller module.
  • Controller Module with cooler, switch and other goodies: The image also shows a controller module, which seems to not have any control keys patterned after the Xbox controller. However, the module appears to be able to cool down the smartphone and has provisions for video and audio output. Obviously, we’re guessing here based on the image they posted. So take everything with a grain of salt.

Our team is going to Computex this June 3 to 6 to cover ASUS announcements. The purported ASUS ROG Phone is scheduled to be launched on June 4, 2018. Be sure to check our site, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram channels for developing news.

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