5 reasons why you should get Frostpunk if you’re a city-building game fan


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Difficult, unforgiving yet satisfying to play! This is Frostpunk in general. If you’re a fan of city-building and survival games, Frostpunk has all the elements essential to both genres, but 11 bit studios jacked it up with a ton of additional features that made us appreciate the game even further.

Frostpunk Review 38Developed by the company behind popular tower defense game Anomaly Defender,  and post-war survival game This War of Mine, Frostpunk is 11 bit studios’ unique take on city-building and survival genre. Keeping your people warm and well-fed ew the main goala, but the intricacies to pull this off requires grueling and sometimes frustrating steps, which surprisingly make it one of the best games we played this year.

Frostpunk Review 40Here are 5 reasons why you should get this game!

It’s too damn challenging!

Frostpunk Review 49This isn’t Cities Skylines. If you think that Cities Skylines or Sim City is challenging enough, you’ve got to try Frostpunk. Unlike other city-building game, Frostpunk starts off really hard at the onset. Your city isn’t a happy place, and expect people to complain and die; and the end of each day, you just got to learn how to suck things up.

As resources plunge, more challenges will come your way. People will revolt, form a faction, and threaten to leave to find their way back to London.  People will get sick – some will survive but most of them will die if you don’t have enough facilities to treat the sick. When things get really bad, you will have to enact laws that either leave the dead frozen or give them a decent burial.

Frostpunk Review 13

The Art of Frostpunk is both intricate and beautiful

Frostpunk’s art is rooted from careful planning and imagining. From cutscenes to actual gameplay graphics, Frostpunk is undoubtedly a work of immense creativity.  As a city-building game, Frostpunk perfectly reimagined steampunk in a whole new level in the way they designed the houses, factories and facilities. In a presentation by Adam Smientanski, the concept artist behind the game, he said that they tried fusing cyberpunk assets in the modern Victorian era in order to recreate their own imagining of steampunk.

Architectural design was manually drafted and drawn by hand, and recreated for the 3D space. When playing the game, I often found myself zooming into the buildings to see and appreciate the amount of details they put on it. Unfortunately, unlike other city-building game like Cities Skylines and SimCity, zoom level is quite limited.

Frostpunk Review 19What I want 11 bit studios to add? Add photography mode along with increased zoom levels and beefed up character interactions.

Deep and immersive storyline

Storyline isn’t usually central to city-building games. Games of such genre usually put gamers to the task of founding and growing a city.

Frostpunk Review 3Frostpunk is different as it carries with it a gruesome story of despair and a glimmer of hope. Each survivor has a name and a story to tell, and this makes Frostpunk truly immersive. Each death in your community makes an impact on the growth or fall of your city. A rise of hope or despair can bring about a sigh of relief or a cry for help for the player. Every moment of distrust by your people make you think about giving up or staying for the next 3 hours in the game.

A game full of potential

This game isn’t finished yet, but unlike other games in early access, the developers have been eagerly pushing updates and have been very transparent with their development. Last May, 11 bit studios pushed another update and its development roadmap for the game.  New modes and scenarios will be added to the game as free updates, which are definitely going to delight me and the other gamers who bought the game.

Frostpunk Developers detail 2018 roadmap, reveal free downloadable contents

It’s an inexpensive city-building game

For PhP649.95 at Steam, Frostpunk performs and presents itself like a triple A city-building game. Replayability is not yet its best feature, but as a product that’s still in development, its future is bright for gamers.

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