Cloudfone Thrill Boost 2 boosts Cloudfone’s market relevance in 2017 and beyond


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There are plenty of reasons why Cloudfone Thrill Boost 2 ushered the relevance of Cloudfone in the budget segment last year and this year. For a budget smartphone, Thrill Boost 2 has all the necessary ingredients to make it an attractive product for consumers with a set amount of budget lower than PhP5,000. In fact, as we write this article, Cloudfone just announced that Thrill Boost 2 and Thrill Boost 3 just got a repriced to PhP2,699 and PhP2,999 respectively.

Untitled 1According to a GFK 2018 report, more and more affordable smartphones flooded the market in 2017, urging Filipinos to move on from feature phones. Mobile phone companies like Cloudfone and Cherry Mobile have still been selling feature phones in their product mix, but the push is really on promotion budget-friend smartphones to “move on” to newer technology.  In fact, in 2017, the difference between the number of mobile phone units sold and smartphones reached 7.1M (11.7M smartphone sales vs 4.1M mobile phone sales).

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Did you know that 4 of the feature phones sold by Cloudfone are now on sale:

  • Vibe – PhP499
  • Premier – PhP499
  • Senior Bar – PhP629
  • Senior Flip – PhP999


Moving on from something “easy” and “basic” requires sacrifice for most Filipinos. For one, smartphones tend to be a little “complicated” for some Filipinos. Imagine your dear old lola who got used to “texting” now receives a touchscreen device. Second, companies seldom sell smartphones for less than PhP1,000, that’s why it’s generally ‘pricey’. When Filipinos are offered with quality yet affordable smartphones, the “passing through” to new technology will be an easier ride.

Thrill Boost 3 1Cloudfone Thrill Boost 2’s and Thrill Boost 3’s affordability and features make it a viable offering for Filipinos who are jumping from feature phones to smartphones. From decent battery life to camera features, Thrill Boost series definitely set a good standard for Filipino consumers who are in the market for their “first smartphone”.

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