Facebook Announces New Policy that Demotes Posts with Bait Titles for Engagement

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Tired of seeing posts which ask you to react to or share a post for engagement? then here’s some good news for you – Facebook has recently announced a new policy that should clean things up a bit on your timeline.

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Photo: Facebook Newsroom

Engagement baiting is a popular tactic which involves the use of headlines tailored to get readers to interact with a post in some way. On Facebook, these are usually posts that start with “Like this if..” or “Tag someone who..”, well you get the idea. Interaction increases the engagement quotient, and makes these pages rank higher.

Moving forward, any post that asks you to engage with them in any way, will be demoted away from your view. The developers have already reviewed and categorized hundreds of these posts to create a machine learning model, which will analyze and demote posts accordingly.

A warning period i currently being issued to publishers to give them time to adjust to this policy before the changes will be rolled out in the coming weeks. So what’s in store for pages who will disregard this policy? significantly reduced reach for their posts and the entire page in general.

If you think about it, it’s also a way of getting publishers to think of better ways to gain engagement from their followers.

Sources: Facebook Newsroom, GSMArena




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