Leaked teaser from Huawei gives hint of their future smartphones


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Earlier today, our analytics product, Blip Track picked up a trending hashtag within the smartphone sphere globally. Since September 26, #OOOO started to peak up. A quick search of this hashtag revealed several intriguing results, which really piqued our interest.


The hashtag, which Huawei Mobile has also been using, is a confirmation of one of the features of the upcoming Huawei Mate 10. The next iteration of Mate will have quad camera configurations – dual front and dual rear. Whether or not the lens is co-engineered by Huawei’s long-standing imaging partner still remains a mystery.

However, Huawei Mate 10 is not the only product that’s expected to debut at the upcoming event in Germany this October. (We are not yet sure if we’ll be one of the delegates to the event as of this writing.) Based on rumors, a lite version of Mate 10 is also expected to be announced. The rumor was fueled by the recent launch of Maimang 6, which launched in China in the 3rd week of September. Maimang 6 or Mate 10 Lite in other countries retails for 2399CNY or roughly around 18000PhP if we convert it directly.

Huawei Maimang 3Earlier today, we also picked up a newsworthy item from GSMArena and VMALL that a similar looking product (to Maimang 6 or Mate 10 Lite) was silently launched by Huawei Malaysia and Thailand. This product goes by the Huawei Nova 2i monicker. Huawei Consumer Thailand even posted a promotional video of this product last September 26.


As of this writing, we have not received word from Huawei Mobile Philippines on when the products will be available in the Philippines. We are pretty sure that Mate 10 will be launched in the Philippines too based on the promo materials they have been posting on their website. We’ll keep you all guys in the loop once we have received a reply from them.

In the meantime, what do you guys think about the Mate 10 and its lite version? Do you have any guesses about its PhP price when and if the products become available in our country? The comments section is yours, guys!

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