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ANGKAS, a motorbike-hailing app, seeks to provide an alternative solution to Metro Manila traffic by helping to make motorbike transport safer for commuters.

With auto sales surging by double-digits in the first half of 2017, the traffic situation in Metro Manila is anticipated to deteriorate further.

In other countries around Southeast Asia, such as Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam, “motor taxis” are accepted as a practical mode of transportation which gets millions of people past gridlock. Owing to its slim form, motorbikes allow passengers to weave through traffic jams and navigate side-streets in ways that four-wheeled vehicles cannot.

Here in the Philippines, motorbike transportation is available in the form of habal-habal, most commonly found in the Makati and Taguig areas. Yet habal-habal have no safety measures or standardized in place, so the issue of safety always remains a question in the minds of commuters.

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ANGKAS Puts Safety First

ANGKAS, a mobile app that allows commuters to hail motorcycle taxis on-demand by connecting passengers to strictly-trained bikers, aims to raise the standards of safety in motorcycle transportation. ANGKAS has meticulously rethought every aspect of the ride, with safety at the center of the experience.

Here are 5 key ways ANGKAS offers Filipino commuters a safer and more professional ride.

The right gear. ANGKAS bikers provide each passenger with a high-quality, ICC-certified helmet, and make sure that it is fastened and secure. For sanitary purposes, passengers are issued a shower cap and a face mask, plus a raincoat if it’s raining — all free of charge.

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Professional Bikers. ANGKAS only lets professional bikers pick up and drop off passengers. All ANGKAS bikers go through a background check, safety training and road skills assessments before they are activated on the platform.

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Upon booking a ride, passengers get detailed information on their biker: the biker’s name, mobile number, vehicle registration, previous passengers’ ratings and estimated time of arrival at the pick-up point. After each ride, passengers are asked to rate their bikers; bikers with consistently poor ratings or who violate the app’s Terms of Service are removed from the platform.

All rides can be tracked real-time; each ride is logged into the ANGKAS system, so the whereabouts of all bikers are known.

The right way to mount and ride. ANGKAS bikers instruct passengers the right way to mount and ride a motorbike. Passengers are reminded to put the foot pegs down before mounting from the left side to avoid the muffler. They are also advised to mount or dismount only after the biker tells them to do so to keep the motorbike steady.

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When riding, passengers are asked to sit still when the motorbike is still to maintain the bike’s balance. When in motion, they are taught to keep their balance by holding on to their biker’s waist and to lean with the rider’s movements. They are also advised not to hold onto the biker’s shoulders as they may accidentally twist them and cause the bike to swerve.

Proper Communication. ANGKAS emphasizes proper communication between bikers and their passengers. Bikers are trained to ask about and accommodate the preferred routes, speeds (up to a maximum of 60 kph) and other preferences of their passengers prior to starting the ride.

Insurance. In cases of untoward traffic incidents, both bikers and passengers are covered by personal accident insurance.

Should passengers have feedback on their bikers or on the ride, they can reach ANGKAS through their various customer support channels:

  • Mobile: +63 921 933 8074 / +63 917 606 6913
  • Email:
  • Facebook:
  • Twitter: @angkas

With these safety standards, ANGKAS aims to professionalize the industry and provide commuters a way to beat the traffic without sacrificing safety, comfort, and hygiene. Commuters can download the ANGKAS app for free from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

For more information on ANGKAS and its latest promos, visit or

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