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We are here at Tokyo Game Show to experience the games that are coming out in Japan in this year and in the future! One of the games that really caught our attention is Detroit: Become Humans. The game was developed by Quantic Dreams, the same company that brought gamers unforgettable titles like Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls.

A world where humans have been replaced by robots for most tasks. That’s where Detroit: Become Human pulls you into. You assume the role of Kara, an Android trying to get through the struggles of this social landscape.

The gameplay itself reminds me of Until Dawn, Heavy Rain, and even Life is Strange. A more cinematic approach, where you go across a series of points that where you have to make choices, and those in turn ultimately affects how the game progresses.

What’s exciting here is that there are so many possibilities, that adds to the game’s overall replay rate.

TGS 76

One of the androids manning the booth of Sony Playstation here at TGS 2017.

In terms of graphics, I’d say the game’s pretty polished and looks as beautiful as it could be, though I feel like they could’ve worked more on some details. The music is also quite good and adds to the overall tension.

I was only able to go for a few minutes with the game, and it already feels very immersive. Can’t wait to get my hands on a local copy. Detroit: Become Human is already up for disc pre-order on the official US PlayStation website, and is set for official release in 2018. There is no word yet from Sony Playstation Asia when it will officially become available in the Philippines.

TGS 82

Fancy shopping for an Android! It’s up for pre-order here at TGS 2017.

Sony and Quantic Dream made sure that Detroit Become Human’s promotional efforts at TGS 2017 will evoke the emotions and interest of gamers. TGS 2017 will be open to the public this September 23 – 24! If you’re in Japan, be sure to drop by at TGS and at Sony Playstation’s massive booth.

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