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To say that OPPO is a big Chinese tech company is an understatement. Having been to their biggest manufacturing plant in Shenzhen last week made me realize how the company stands tall among its competitors like Samsung, VIVO, ASUS and LG.

From motherboard manufacturing to QE lab, it is obvious that the Shenzhen-based company puts ‘quality’ as its long standing focus and value. I’ve been to manufacturing plants before, and there is no company that comes close to how OPPO researches, assembles and tests the consumer electronic products they make in their facility.

All Parts, One Plant

When we visited one of the SMT centers of OPPO – particularly where the OPPO R11 parts and units are assembled – I’ve seen how intricate their processes are. Assembly and testing segment lines are filled with hard-working staff, determined to end the day to fill in the daily quota.

When we spoke with one of their tour guides, we were told that one assembly line in Factory M can finish about 1,000 units of OPPO R11. With a total of 26 assembly lines, OPPO can assemble 26,000 R11s every day.

Aided with sophisticated and hi-tech machineries, OPPO is clearly aimed to produce smartphones that can accommodate global consumer demands.

After production, some of the units will be randomly picked to be tested further at their QE lab. Some of the units, which were initially tested at their SMT and Assembly centers, will undergo 150 more tests from micro drop test to sweat test.

Arduous Tests bring about battle-tested products

It isn’t easy to undergo 150 more tests to pass the quality standards of OPPO. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance to take videos of how they test their products because of standard company restrictions, but believe me when I say that OPPO pours a lot of effort and money to test their products.

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