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With the PS4 Pro and the Sony VR stretching its legs these past few months, Sony exclusives now take centerstage. It was an awesome line-up of games that would make 60.4 million PS4 owners proud. The line-up is classic Sony giving us a remaster of a fan favorite, DLCs (downloadable content) for hit games and new trailers of last year’s announced games that should whet our gamer appetite.

We in Gadget Pilipinas can only watch the Sony announcement from this side of the Pacific. It doesn’t mean we don’t get the good stuff from rolling in. Thank you, internet.

Here are the games that we think standout from Sony’s presentation:

1. Monster Hunter World

This is probably the biggest title with tremendous cult following. While this will also hit the Xbox One and PC, the availability of Monster Hunter on the beloved console got our gaming balls excited to its maximum.

2. God of War

We’ve seen the new Connor McGregor-esque look of Kratos from last year’s preview. This year, it’s the Mjolnir-inspired battle axe which homes in upon Kratos’ command. Some gory glory kills are shown too, showing that Kratos still has the bloodlust despite his advanced age. Expected release: Early 2018.

3. Days Gone

Post-apocalyptic, open-world with zombies. Nothing new, you say? Except that there’ll be hordes of them ala World War Z. No, you won’t be the smarty pants character in the said movie. Instead, you’ll be a biker reminiscent of Sons of Anarchy fame.

Horizon Dawn: Frozen Wilds

When your game sells 3.4 million copies, you know you have a great game on your hands. Aloy’s back for more for what seems like bigger, meaner “machines” (yes, they’re simply called that in the game). Oh, Aloy, what surprise will you have for us this time around?

4. Shadow of the Colossus Remake

The beloved PS2 colossal hit had a re-release for the PS3 and will again be remade for the PS4. It just means it’s that good. If you haven’t played this classic yet, lucky you. You get to play it with more graphical fidelity. Let’s hope the remake is not just the usual upgrade in visuals but new content such as new colossi.

5. Detroit Become Human

If you’ve played Heavy Rain then you know it’s developers – Quantic Dream is the master in creating multiple-path storylines. The story is set in the future and pits humans vs. androids. Will coexistence be your path or annihilation of the other kind?

6. Spider-Man

It’s been awhile since we’ve had a really awesome Spiderman game. The preview looks sharp and showcases the fluid combat sytem with clever situational use of the webshooters. It’s not the official game of the Spiderman: Homecoming movie but it could very well be given the voice sounds so much alike the lead actor.

How about you? What games are you stoked about? Let us know on the comments section below.



Allan Abaca

Allan Abaca

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Allan Abaca
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