The Nintendo Switch Has Just Been Announced, and it Looks Promising

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It looks like Nintendo really prepped themselves for their newest gaming console. Named the Switch (final name for the NX), they claim that it allows you to play the same title anywhere, anytime, and with whoever you want.


Simply put, the idea of the Switch is that at home, you can connect it to your TV and play your games with a controller, just like a regular console, and when you want to go somewhere, all you have to do is disconnect it from your TV, disconnect it from a dock, bring the console with you, and continue playing. Read that again, and you’ll go “wait, what?”, I know. It’s basically a home and handheld console in one. We don’t have news on what hardware the device runs on to be able to perform this feat (the video below shows what seems to be Skyrim being played) but it seems to pack a punch.


There’s more, the Switch also embraces multiplayer on its core. The device’s right and left panels can actually act as separate controllers, and from the looks of it, multiple Switch(es) can be connected together for four player gameplay!


nswitch_4I actually think that this device is milestone. If everything in the First Look video is as good as it looks, then Nintendo may have just won this year’s “Most Innovative Device” award. Simply put, what they’ve managed to do here is create a device which combines two ecosystems which, up to now have been separated by limitations in hardware capabilities and the like. And that, my friends is just about one of the greatest achievements they can accomplish. The Nintendo Switch is stated to be available on March, 2017.

You may view the official press release here.

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