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LG G4 is just around the corner, and we just can’t wait to see and touch it in full glory. We’ve seen leaked photos and information online, but nothing beats the official announcement directly from LG. But what are the things about LG G4 that really excite us? Here are few of the things that we wish to share:

  1. The LG G3 wasMWC’s Best Smartphone last year, and we’re pretty sure that LG cooked up everything they’ve got to better their best. LG is set to change the game once again with the 4th iteration of the LG G series. LG is known for introducing innovative features on every iteration of their G series, and we believe that G4 will bear the same mark.

    GIF c/o GifYt

  2. The leather-clad G4 looks stunning! I mean, take a look at the photo below the GIF below! You can also check out the leaked photos posted by Evan Blass and The Verge just in case you’re itching to see it in high-resolution. We recon, based on leaked images, that the new G4 will sport a removable back panel and battery. There will be slew of available back panels for the G4, and that’s going to excite the phone’s future owners.

    GIF c/o GifYt

    lg-g4-leak (3)

  3. Its aperture level of f/1.8 is bright enough to suck in light, which will render our photos crisp, vibrant and true to its colors! Mix that with overly-melted bokeh, which will definitely delight us in many ways! We can’t wait to see what this phone with such aperture level can achieve. We’ve got a 50mm f/1.8 Canon EF-S lens here at home, and we can’t wait to compare the phones we’ll take.lg-g4-leak (2)
  4. Its True HD-IPS + LCD will ‘melt’ our eyes! It’s also protected with Gorilla Glass 3 display! Man, all the good things are with the G4, don’t you think?lg-g4-leak (7)
  5. It runs on Snapdragon 808 with 1.8Ghz Hexacore processor. Throw a 3GB RAM with it, and we’re pretty damn sure that it’s smoking fast!

Meanwhile, while we’re all waiting for the official unveiling of the said device, be sure to watch (again) the official teaser from LG below.



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