ASUS Launches Powerful yet Space Saver Desktop PCs: ROG GR8, VivoPC, VivoMini and Chromebox

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Good things can come even from small packages. Consumer electronics giant, ASUS, announced powerful yet space-saving desktop computers last April 17, 2015 at R Space, Makati. The new devices are positioned heavily for gamers and for anyone who does desktop work using a computer.

For boxed-type desktop PCs, consumers have 3 options: VivoPC or VivoMini, which may be pre-installed with Windows 8.1; or the Chrome OS-powered ASUS Chromebox.

VivoPC and VivoMini


The ASUS VivoPC offers a variety of solutions for people who do a lot of desktop work. It is flexible enough to be upgraded as it has a hot-swappable hard drive port, and upgradeable RAM up to 16gb. Since flexibility is one of its salient features, users can put it a 3.5″ desktop HDD or 2 2.5″HDD or SSD. You may opt to but its lowest variant, and just upgrade the parts to your heart’s content. VivoPC is also compatible with the future-proof WiFi 802.11ac standard, It may also be mounted at the back of VESA-compatile monitors or TVs.

VivoPC’s SRP starts at PhP16,990; and it comes with ASUS Wireless Keyboard and Mouse.

ASUS VivoMini

Consumers will also have the option to purchase the slightly smaller VivoMini. It is for the budget-minded in terms of specs and even build but it does not shy away from the ASUS quality, which is a gold standard for their devices. It packs a 4GB RAM, which is also upgradable up to 16GB; and pre-installed with a 32GB mSATA SSD drive (upgradeable up to 256GB).

ASUS didn’t disclose the SRP of VivoMini yet, but they promised to announce it later.

ASUS Chromebox

ASUS Chromebox

Some consumers are into experiencing a different yet promising operating system that is Chrome OS. The ASUS Chromebox delivers Chrome OS’ efficiency without compromise. As Christoper Dawson of ZDNET would put it, “Chrome OS will be all over the enterprise, consumer spaces, schools, and SMBs.” Chromebox is one of the great testaments to such claim.

The Chromebox is powered by Intel Core-i7 processor for speed, further complimented with 4GB of RAM and 16GB of SSD storage. Its price starts at PhP48,099; and the package comes with Wireless Keyboard and Mouse, Web Camera, Speaker, and Remote.



ROG GR8! That’s a lot of acronyms! The enjoyment and satisfaction factor users will get from the GR8 are definitely a lot as well. While it is built with mobility in mind – it only weighs 2.5 liters – it is made to satisfy gamers. With an Intel Core-i7 processor and an Nvidia GTX 750Ti graphics card, the ROG GR8 is more than adequate to run the latest games in high detail and at 1080p resolution. This high-performance PC also incorporates ROG gaming features such as the Sonic Radar II, GameFirst III, and Sonic Studio.
The ROG GR8 comes with an ASUS M801 mechanical keyboard and an ROG Gladius mouse. Take our money, ASUS!

The ROG GR8 is now available for only PhP57,990.

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