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A couple of weeks ago, our friends from KingCom sent us their latest headphone, the KingCom Thunder dB Zeus. I took it out for a spin for weeks, and I wish to share with you my thoughts and opinion about its performance. Before I proceed with my review, check out the video below, which details the things you can find inside its retail box.

Design, Build and Comfort

KingCom Zeus Thunder dB Review (13)KingCom Zeus Thunder dB, in terms of design, has an uncanny similarity with Beats Wireless. It’s housing is made of plastic with glossy paint coating. There are labels all over – there’s Zeus dB label on the main housing of the driver, KingCom logo just atop the folding hinge and another Zeus logo on its band in full glory. Some people would dig this, but I – for one – am not particularly a fan of seeing too many labels on headphones.

Zeus Thunder dB’s headband is foldable. The folding mechanism is possible thru the hinges found an inch atop the earpad. Beneath the band, starting from the hinge, keeps an spring steel bow, which may be extended to let people with bigger heads comfortably wear the headphones. Despite its relatively small and light frame, the on ear headphones has a rubber headband cushion, which could bring comfort when using it for longer period. I have to warn you though – the headband is a bit tight at first, and may bring a little pressure and little discomfort to your ears and head.

The on ear headphones is available in 5 colors – blue, yellow, pink, red and teal. Yes, all are in pastel color – and some would definitely love this colors. Unfortunately, these colors don’t suite my preference as I’m only into black – glossy or matte.

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Connectivity, Accessibility to Controls and Compatibility

The on ear headphones’ only means of connectivity is via bluetooth. Yes, there is no option for you to use usb or 3.5mm jack. The lack of such is disappointing, but it could be acceptable for some in respect to Zeus Thunder dB’s price. However, in terms of bluetooth compatibility, I am happy to report that it’s compatible with all my devices running on iOS and Android. It is, however, incompatible with my Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita. On iOS and Android, I am able to select tracks by using the volume rockers found at the side of the right cup. A single press would allow me to select music, and a longer one would turn up or down the volume. There is no way you can reconfigure the key press triggers though.

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Sound Quality

Not all expensive headphones are good. But less expensive ones shouldn’t be bad. As the saying goes – “You pay peanuts, you get monkeys.” Kitsound Manhattan and KingCom Zeus Thunder dB are good examples of less expensive but good sounding headphones.

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KingCom Zeus Thunder dB isn’t perfect but it left me satisfied. It has greater emphasis on lows, and it could be great when listening to music with less acoustics since the high frequencies are rolled off. You’ll love this if you listen to EDMs and Dubstep; but you might not get the satisfied if you listen to acoustic versions of Wrecking Ball and Poker Face. Yes, it isn’t balanced, but it’s acceptable in my books.


Battery life is one of the best things about KingCom Zeus Thunder dB. We managed to use it continuously for 8 accumulated hours from full charge and ended the day with 50% juice left (as indicated on iOS Bluetooth peripheral battery status). That’s an amazing feat in my opinion!


Zeus Thunder dB is a true wonder at a price of PhP4,538. It’s price, however, is far from its closest competition – Kitsound Manhattan, which is priced at PhP2,990. It’s a battle, however, that benefits consumers. Different strokes for different folks. Some people would pick Zeus Thunder dB over other less expensive headphones due to preference to warmer sound quality – attenuated lows and mids. Nevertheless, seeing KingCom getting into the stream of quality yet affordable accessories and even mobile phones is a great cause for celebration.


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