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Traveling, these days, isn’t complete without capturing moments and keeping myself and my stuff up the whole day. Armed with 2 smartphones and my prosumer camera, I can make my travel day complete for as long as I have photos I can hold dear, look at and show my friends. Gladly, tech brands nowadays continuously consider selling products that fuel certain desires and hobbies like ‘traveling’, and keep everyone afoot in doing what we love.

A week ago, we received a bundle of items from our friends from KingCom that simply do the things I said above. These items allow me to take photos without worrying loss of data, to transfer these photos on the go and to keep my devices up and running. Here are KingCom Mobile Photography Buddies you may want to consider buying:


KingCom is known for marketing and selling micro SD cards. If there’s one company that’s considered an authority when it comes to such a product, KingCom is one of the first companies that come to mind.

There’s nothing much to say about how this storage device looks like as it looks identical to other brands. There are plenty of unique selling propositions thought we don’t want to skip on telling you. For one, KingCom MICRO SDs have lifetime warranty – this means that just in case your MicroSD card is damaged, you can easily have it replaced to KingCom instantly for as long as you have the original copy of the receipt and retail packaging. Well, in this case, you should remember to keep these 2 requirements intact for the rest of your life.

I subjected my 16gb KingCom MICRO SD to benchmark and it registered a read rate of 17.46MB/s and write rate of 8.64MB/s. Recorded rates are just 30% slower compared to my 32gb Transcend Micro SD card.

KingCom MICRO SD may be bought for as low as PhP259 (4gb), and as high as PhP999 (32gb) at Online Shopping, KingCom Store & Retail Store: Wellcom, KingPad, MP3.


This one is my favorite accessory from KingCom! Just like its name suggests, the KingCom OTG+USB features an OTG adapter and a USB storage that range from 8gb to 32gb.

Everything works well, but I’ve only got one beef – you could lose the OTG adapter because it doesn’t have a security feature that keeps it attached to the USB. But, as mentioned, both ends work and it could be every photographer’s buddy! With it, I can take tons of photos on my smartphone, hook the OTG+USB, transfer my photos and videos to it, and take photos again.

Prices of OTG+USB range from PhP349 (8gb) to PhP900 (32gb). These prices aren’t actually bad! This device may also easily bought at Online Shopping, KingCom Store & Retail Store: Wellcom, KingPad, MP3.

KingCom Heracles

KingCom fascination over Greek Mytholoy doesn’t just stop with smartphones. KingCom’s powerbank, Heracles, is a clear example of their seeming fondness of myth.

Here are photos of the 7800mAh variant of the KingCom Heracles. It has glossy white coating, and weighs almost the same with Mi’s 10400mAh powerbank. The power button and LED indicated can be found at the center – yes, pressing H turns it ON; while ports and can be found just atop the device.

Its retail box includes an ordinary MicroUSB cable, which only transfers power. You can quickly charge high capacity devices via 5V 1.2A output port, while low capacity devices (like smartwatches) may be charged via 5V 1A output port.

Its lowest variant – 5200mAh – costs around PhP893; mid variant – 7800mAh – goes for PhP1,172; and high variant – 10400mAh – is priced at PhP1,544. Sure, the prices of these powerbanks could still be improved as such are quite pricier compared to its competitors. I certainly hope that they consider repricing their powerbanks.

So, there you have it guys – these are travel and photography buddies, which you can buy from KingCom! We’d like to get your thoughts about these new stuff from KingCom. I’m sure they’ll be looking at your comments, reactions and suggestions on the comments section below this post.

Giancarlo Viterbo is a Filipino Technology Journalist, blogger and Editor of, He is also a Geek, Dad and a Husband. He knows a lot about washing the dishes, doing some errands and following instructions from his boss on his day job. Follow him on twitter: @gianviterbo and @gadgetpilipinas.

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