Disney Launches Infinity 2.0 in the Philippines

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Last September 24, Disney invited us to the official launch of the 2nd iteration of the hit video game, Disney Infinity 2.0. After the announcement of Marvel’s inclusion to the growing family of Disney Infinity last April 2014, the company – loved by kids and adults alike – had finally launched the much awaited Infinity 2.0. The new game is available on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Wii U.


In case you don’t know what Disney Infinity is – it’s sandbox video game, which allows players to assume the role of different Disney characters – even from different “worlds” – and even go on quests together. I am particularly impressed with Disney’s strategy on this one as the game requires users to purchase play sets, figures and disc packs to add (or collect) more characters in the game. As a dad of two, this could be a means for me to let my kids enjoy the toys… and even play the game.

Disney Infinity 2.0 Philippines

With the new Disney Infinity 2.0, the Marvel figures and play sets open your world to original storylines in the virtual worlds of some of Marvel’s most popular franchises such as The Avengers, Spider Man and Guardians of the Galaxy. With an original story penned by Brian Michael Bendis, players can expect crossovers among different characters from different storyline provided that playsets and figures are available.


During the event held at the Isabela Room, Makati Shangri La, Senior Producer at Disney Interactive, Mike Shneider, said that the new Infinity promises fresh storylines and exciting new features.

[su_spoiler title=”Click this to see the new game features of Infinity 2.0″ open=”no” style=”fancy” icon=”arrow”]

MARVEL FRANCHISES – Marvel franchises introduce deeper, immersive storylines and Marvel Super Heroes deliver new combat gameplay, more destruction in game worlds, authentic Marvel gadgets and vehicles in Play Sets and Toy Box.

AUTHENTIC STORYLINES – Original, character driven stories written with the help of award-winning Marvel comic writer, Brian Michael Bendis.  Authentic, intertwined stories where some Marvel Super Heroes can cross between Play Sets, all set in iconic Marvel locations.

ENHANCED TOY BOXAn all-new Toy Box mode that makes it easier for players to create and share their one-of-a-kind levels and mini-games with family and friends.  Use the new Creator tool to quickly build your worlds faster and easier than ever before.

TOY BOX GAME DISCS – New pyramid shaped discs deliver structured, franchise-themed games to the Toy Box. Build and customize your games by using Toy Box Toys of your choice and play through each game using any Disney Infinity character to complete missions.

FORWARD COMPATIBILITY – All of your Disney Infinity figures, toys and power discs are compatible with the Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes Toy Box – stats and upgrades intact.  Disney Infinity characters can increase their level cap from level 15 to 20 and skills can be allocated across a variety of attributes using the Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes skill tree.

POWER DISCS – New set of circular and hexagonal Power Discs will be available for Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes.


Shneider even teased us of the new characters they will launch in the pipeline for Infinity 2.0 like characters from Big Hero 6, more villains, Falcon and Jasmine.




The new Infinity will also be a home of new upgrades, mounts, stories, missions, textures, etc., through power discs. The world of Infinity is packed with so many possibilities, provided that you are able to activate them through power discs, which you can purchase for PhP289 per pack.

[su_spoiler title=”Power Discs on Infinity 2.0″ open=”no” style=”fancy” icon=”arrow”]

Circular discs will add costumes, Area of Effect attacks and team-ups. Hexagonal power discs will add new weapons, vehicles and sky and terrain customizations. Select Power Disc descriptions are below:

  • Marvel Skies and Textures
    • World War Hulk Sky – Turn your blue skies green with this Hulk themed Power Disc
    • World War Hulk – Customize your landscape to make it look as if Hulk went on a smashing rampage
    • View from the Suit – Ever wonder what it’s like to see the world from inside Iron Man’s helmet? Check out the Hologram Readout Tech upgrade and unlock Stark Industries “View from the Suit”
    • Stark Tech – Deck out your Toy Box compliments of Tony Stark. Unlock the Stark Industries Tech theme with upgraded Hologram Readout Tech ability
    • The Rip – Turn Toy Box skies into the skies of Knowhere with this Power Disc and transport yourself to the outer edge of all space and time
    • Star-Lord’s Galaxy – Turn your Toy Box into Knowhere – Star-Lord’s home base in the Galaxy
    • Spider-Sky – The forecast will be sunny with a 100% chance of spider webs with this power disc
    • Spider-Streets – Customize your Toy Box with Spider-Man themed streets and buildings
    • Groot’s View – Embrace your inner green thumb and theme Toy Box skies out Groot-style
    • Groot’s Roots – Theme out your Toy Box world with Groot’s Roots. It’s sure to grow on you!
    • Forgotten Skies – Unlock Forgotten Skies for Toy Box. It’s a Dinosaur World lover’s dream come true
    • Dinosaur World – Deck your Toy Box out with Dinosaur World terrain, textures and landscapes. Things are about to get pre-historic!
  • Marvel Vehicles/Mounts
    • H.I.E.L.D. Containment Truck – Contain enemies and protect civilians with this S.H.I.E.L.D. truck
    • Hydra Motorcycle – Take Hydra’s Motorcycle for a spin. Sidecar included
    • Lola – Need a ride? Unlock this Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. hover car
    • The Avenjet – Hop on board the Avenjet for a speed boost in your Toy Box
    • Odin’s Horse – Hop on Odin’s 8 legged steed, for super speed!
    • Spider-Buggy – Take a ride in the Spider-Buggy. Equipped with web bolts to entangle enemies
    • Spider-Copter – Shoot web bolts from above in Spidey’s Spider-Copter
    • Spider-Cycle – Care to go for a spin on the Spider-Cycle? Web bolts included!
  • Marvel Tools/Packs
    • Black Panther’s Vibranium Knives – You’ll be slashing like a fierce cat when you borrow Black Panther’s Vibranium daggers
    • Ghost Rider’s Chain Whip – Unleash Ghost Rider’s Mystical Chain with this rare and powerful disc
    • Falcon’s Wings – You’ll be soaring when you put on Falcon’s Wings
    • Jack-O-Lantern’s Glider – Glide into action with Jack-O-Lantern’s Glider
    • Spider Glider – Lucky you! Spider-Man is letting you take his jet glider out for a ride
    • Cloak of Levitation – Try on Dr. Strange’s Cloak of Levitation and glide into action!
  • Marvel Events, Team-Ups and Costumes
    • Sorcerer Supreme – Use Sorcerer Supreme’s Bolts of Balthakk to strike down your enemies
    • H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier Strike – Send down a missile strike from above.  Your enemies will need to take cover
    • Infinity Gauntlet – Summon a force field of cosmic explosions to devastate your enemies. This is a rare and powerful disc!
    • Marvel Team-Up: Iron Patriot – Hit them hard, hit them fast, hit them everywhere! Iron Patriot reporting for duty
    • Marvel Team Up: Winter Solder – Team up with the Winter Soldier and catch your enemies in the crossfire
    • Marvel Team-Up: White Tiger – Fight alongside White Tiger who conquers her enemies with feline power and grace
    • Marvel Team-Up: Ant Man – Team up with Hank Pym (aka, “Ant-Man”) – he’s small, but packs a big punch!
    • Marvel Team-Up: Yondu – Fight alongside this powerful, arrow shooting ally and send enemies running for their lives
    • Sentinel of Liberty – Expand your Super Hero wardrobe with Captain America’s World War II costume and original shield!
    • Gamma Rays – Time to get old school and unlock the Original Grey Hulk costume with added smash!
    • Stark Arc Reactor – Try the Mark 42 on for size!  Unlock Iron Man’s black and white special edition Guardians of the Galaxy armor with added boom!
    • Alien Symbiote – Slip into this infamous Spider-Man costume and boost your range for pick-ups
    • The Immortal Iron Fist – Become the Immortal Iron Fist for chi-powered healing and the dreaded Iron Fist attack!
    • Space Armor – Unlock Gamora’s out of this world Space Armor costume for added protection against enemies. Who says fashion can’t be functional too?
  • Disney Skies and Textures
    • Skies of the World – Enjoy colorful skies inspired by the classic Disney theme park ride, “It’s a Small World”!
    • A Small World – It’s a Small World inside of an infinite Toy Box! Enjoy terrain and textures inspired by this classic ride from the Disney theme parks!
    • The Middle Kingdom – Decorate the skies of your Toy Box with softly painted mountains and Asian stylized artwork. Inspired by the movie
    • Mulan’s Countryside – Activate this Power Disc to give your Toy Box terrain the look of Chinese silk. Inspired by the movie
    • Cy-Bug Swarm – Cy-Bugs dance above the Hero’s Duty world from the movie Wreck-It-Ralph. All your Toy Box is missing is Sergeant Calhoun!
    • Calhoun’s Command – Deck your Toy Box out like a scene from Hero’s Duty from the movie Wreck-It-Ralph. Sergeant Calhoun approved!
    • Gravity Falls Forest – Wake up and smell the pine trees! Change your terrain into the forest from Disney XD’s series, Gravity Falls and enjoy streams, trees, rocks and more!
    • Gravity Falls Sky – Unlock a pine forest, water falls and beautiful blue skies with this Power Disc. You’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a scene from Disney XD’s series, Gravity Falls!
    • Neverland – Use this Power Disc to transform your Toy Box into the world of Peter Pan!
    • Second Star to the Right – Fly through the night skies of London, just like Peter Pan!
    • Simba’s Pridelands – Your Toy Box will look just like Simba’s homeland with these Savannah textures!
    • The King’s Domain – Your Toy Box skies will look like the skies of the savannah from the movie The Lion King with this Power Disc!
    • Jasmine’s Palace View – Transform the skyline of your Toy Box with this Power Disc and you will feel as if you’re in the land of Agrabah!
    • The Sands of Agrabah – Transform your Toy Box terrain into the dunes and desert of Agrabah!
  • Disney Vehicles/Mounts
    • Jack Skellington’s Reindeer – Ride Jack Skelington’s trusty skeleton reindeer! We promise it’s more comfortable than it looks.
    • Medusa’s Swamp Mobile – Hop on Medusa’s motorcycle with super boost ability from the movie The Rescuers!
    • Alice in Wonderland’s Caterpillar – Take a seat on Alice’s Caterpillar from the ride at the Disney theme parks. One added bonus; smoke bombs!
    • Toad’s Motorcar – Hop into Mr. Toad’s Motorcar, equipped with an ejector seat. You’re in for a wild ride!
    • Fantasyland Carousel Horse – Ride the Fantasyland Carousel Horse around your Toy Box!
    • Darkwing Ducks Ratcatcher – Take this motorcycle for a spin and smoke bomb your enemies!
    • Aerial Area Rug – Take a ride on this Phineas and Ferb creation – A flying area rug with an ejector seat!
    • Main Street Electrical Parade Float – Toss bombs of confetti at your enemies from this beautiful parade float!
    • Le Maximum – Take a ride and honk your horn in this Interpol car from the movie, Muppets Most Wanted!
    • USS Swinetrek – Blast off in the USS Swinetrek! Equipped with squealing missiles!
    • Gus the Mule – Ride this football-playing Mule, Gus, from the classic Disney movie!
    • Eglantine’s Motorcycle – Check out this classic motorcycle from Bedknobs and Broomsticks! It has a side car and ejector feature for ultimate fun!
  • Disney Tools/Packs
    • Lew Zealand’s Bomerang Fish: Target your enemies with the Boomerang Fish – throw it away, and it will come back to you! Tar tar sauce not included.
    • Sergeant Calhoun’s Blaster – Take out your enemies with Sergeant Calhoun’s Blaster, from the movie Wreck it Ralph.
    • Darkwing Duck’s Grappling Gun – Use Darkwing Duck’s Grappling Gun to hook your enemies and help you climb to new heights!
    • Mabel’s Kittens for Fists – Devastate your enemies with the most adorable, cuddly weapon you’ll ever get your fists on! Designed by the one and only Mabel Pine from Disney XD’s series, Gravity Falls.
    • Chem Capsules: Toss your Chem Capsules at your enemies and create a cloud of frost that freezes them right in their tracks! From the movie Big Hero 6.
    • Aladdin’s Magic Carpet – Your wish for flight has been granted. Soar above your Toy Box on Aladdin’s Magic Carpet with this rare Power Disc!
    • Jim Hawkin’s Solar Board – Hover above your Toy Box creations on Jim Hawkin’s Solar Board!
  • Disney Events, Team-Ups and Costumes
    • Chernabog’s Spirit Cyclone: Summon a whirling spirit from the Disney classic, Fantasia, and scare your enemies with eerie sounds!
    • Maleficent Spellcast: This disc of power will serve you well. Defeat your enemies with Maleficent’s Green Flame spell!
    • King Louie’s Monkeys: Bombard your foes with coconuts and bannanas as a band of screaming monkeys cheer you on!!!
    • Zeus’ Thunderbolts: With this Power Disc, you control the skies like a god of Olympus! Make bolts of lightning arc down from above, damaging your enemies. The power of Zeus is with you.
    • Rags to Riches: Slip on this Prince Ali costume for added style and increased riches!!
    • All for One!: Don’t get your feathers in a ruffle quite yet!! Put this 3 Musketeers costume on and enjoy a generous experience increase!!
    • Cursed Pirate Gold: With Jack Sparrow’s Cursed Pirate Gold costume, you gain a new damage shield! Who says curses are always bad?
    • Sandy Claws Surprise: Slip on Jack Skellington’s Sandy Claws costume, with a chance to scare with each hit
    • The Glory Days: Try on Mr. Incredible’s Glory Days costume, and you’ll get  added currency from each enemy you defeat!


Since the game has creative play feature through Play Box 2.0, players can create and even share levels and games, which everyone can enjoy. This also brings the game to closer to the hearts of almost everyone who plays Minecraft (creation), Diablo (dungeon crawler) and Plants vs Zombies (tower defense).

I am very excited to play this game soon on our PS4. Once we got our review item, we shall stream our game on our Twitch channel and post some highlights on Youtube. In case you’re into this kind of game, you may buy the Marvel Super Heroes Starter Pack for PhP3,799. If you’re itchy to get the Spider-Man or the Guardians of the Galaxy Play Sets, you may buy one for only PhP1,849.

The Marvel Starter pack contains 3 characters, web code card, an Infinity Base and the game disc. If you wish to add more Avengers characters – for instance, you will have to purchase a character pack for PhP679 a pop. And if you wish to jack up your character (that you can level up to 30 on Infinity 2.0), purchase Power Disc packs for PhP289.


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Giancarlo Viterbo is a Filipino Technology Journalist, blogger and Editor of gadgetpilipinas.net, He is also a Geek, Dad and a Husband. He knows a lot about washing the dishes, doing some errands and following instructions from his boss on his day job. Follow him on twitter: @gianviterbo and @gadgetpilipinas.

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