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This week Veems, a unique photo sharing app, was launched on Android. What set Veems apart from other photo sharing apps like Instagram is its unique ability to capture an image and a sound in one file. The users can accomplish this with just one touch. For example, if you want to take a photo of your dog, you simply open the app and hit on the “Start” button. The app first captures the image and then asks you to add your own voice. If you don’t want to add your voice, you can simply let it record the ambient noise. This entire process is triggered with one touch. After that, the content is displayed in the app’s “news feed”. Once a user touches or taps the image, the sound is immediately played.

Veems One Touch

The user has the option to share their content on Facebook and Twitter as well. However, the content appears like a video. You have to hit play in order to hear the sound that comes along with the image.

Technically, the app manages to combine a sound stamp and meta-data into a one jpeg file in a way that won’t disturb the jpeg. The output jpeg file includes the photo, the audio, and metadata. The metadata holds the info regarding how would the “player” should play the audio (by tapping or automatically, fade in/out info, etc). You can see the photo on any platform, but you will hear the sound if you have the right plug-in.

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This technology of combining the image and the sound in one file is currently patent pending. The idea came from Veems programmer and co-founder Iddo Goren.He shared, “I was lying in bed at 2 am, trying to fall asleep when I suddenly saw a short moment of my dad calling my name. There was his image and a split second of his voice.”

Veems currently has more than 110K users—that’s even before the Android version became available. Yesterday, Veems in iOS was updated with a new look.

Veems iOS New Look



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