NEO Marks its 10th Year Anniversary

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NEO Marks its 10th Year Anniversary in the computing systems industry yesterday. The celebration was held at the Shangri La hotel, Edsa.

Neo is a distributor of computer hardware parts and it began its operation when its partner, Philippine Long Distance and Telecommunications Company (PLDT), told them to create a computing system that they can bundle with their internet services. 

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NEO Founder Jason Cheng tells us the story on how the company began its operation.

NEO Started in 2003 and its goal is to provide a computing system to each Filipinos. They have been successful with it since most people would prefer to buy NEO because of its affordable price. I can remember that there are lots of students using NEO laptops for their school.

According to Jason Cheng, Founder of NEO:

“We are committed to building the Neo brand in the Philippines and better serve our customers by demonstrating continuous product enhancements and developments and improved after-sales service. We’ve also enhanced our channel partner program through marketing support. To date, we are celebrating a decade of partnership with six trusted retailers in the country, and the list of partners continues to grow.”

NEO, NEO Cares, Matrix, NEO Laptops, Omnipad, NEO Computers, NEO Netbooks

The is how they came up with the name NEO for their brand name. They got it from Keanu Reeves’ movie “The Matrix”.
(this is just a rumored story and has not proven to be a fact)

Here is a brief timeline of NEO since 2003

NEO Omnipad

NEO, NEO Cares, Matrix, NEO Laptops, Omnipad, NEO Computers, NEO Netbooks

In line with their celebration of their 10th Anniversary, NEO launched its new product line, the NEO Omnipad. The Onmipad is a tablet running on Android platform. The reason why they launch this is to provide each Filipinos a tablet which they can use every day.

Here is a glimpse of the Omnipad


NEO has two models of the Omnipad: the NEO Omnipad M71-3G and NEO Omnipad R72. Both devices are running on Android 4.1 Jellybean, but they have distinct features from each other.

NEO, NEO Cares, Matrix, NEO Laptops, Omnipad, NEO Computers, NEO Netbooks

NEO Officer Ferdie Tang shows the Neo Omnipads

NEO Omnipad M71-3G

NEO, NEO Cares, Matrix, NEO Laptops, Omnipad, NEO Computers, NEO Netbooks

The Omnipad M71-3G is an Android tablet with an analog TV, which allows users to watch their favorite free-to-air channels even without cellular or network access. In addition, the Omnipad can act as a GPS receiver, specifically used for vehicle navigation.

It offers standard Bluetooth, 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity with a 1.2 GHz Dual Core processor and 7” OMNIBright 1024×768 display. It has both front (0.3MP) and rear (2MP) cameras.

The M71-3G can also be used for calls and texts, supporting 3G, GSM-based cellular networks, with dual-SIM registration. It has built-in 1GB memory, 8GB internal storage and a Micro-SD slot, which is expandable up to 32GB.

SRP: Php 6,999


NEO Omnipad R72

NEO, NEO Cares, Matrix, NEO Laptops, Omnipad, NEO Computers, NEO Netbooks

The NEO Omnipad R72 features an RK2926 Cortex A9 processor, Android Jellybean 4.1 Operating System, a 512 MB memory, along with a 4 GB flash storage (expandable to 32 GB micro SD capacity), a 7-inch multi-touch LCD screen, Wi-Fi connectivity, back and front cameras, and a 3000 mAh battery.

SRP: Php 3,999

Why did NEO produced Android even though there are already a lot of players in the market?

Mr. Jason Cheng said that adding another local brand in the manufacture and marketing of tablets is beneficial to the industry and the country. The entry of the Omnipad would tap a growing market of tablet users in the Philippines.

“We are elated and excited at achieving this milestone after ten years in the business,” said Jason Cheng, Founder, Neo Manufacturing and Services, Inc. “Entering the mobile hardware market, particularly tablets, should allow us to reach and serve a broader mass of users.

Above all, having a tablet under our local brand not only gives us pride and prestige but also an opportunity for us to support our rising economy.

More and more people are using tablets for communications, Internet access for business, research, social networking, gaming, and even entertainment, such as watching movies or listening to music. It is not a fancy gadget for the niche market, it’s slowly becoming a necessary tool for everyone.”

Jason Cheng, Founder of NEO

NEO Care

Probably this the the best thing that I heard from NEO yesterday how they have improved their after sales service – NEO Care. NEO Care was launched in 2008 and they have been improving it ever since. Mr. Cheng admitted that they have experienced complaints in the but they assured that those things will not happen anymore because NEO learned a lot from their experience, and continuously improve NEO care every year.

NEO, NEO Cares, Matrix, NEO Laptops, Omnipad, NEO Computers, NEO Netbooks

NEO Product Manager Clarisse Ibañez explains how NEO Care works

NEO offers a first-of-its-kind warranty merchandise arrangement with customers for the Omnipad. The customer just needs to call 1-800-10-5311671 (531-1671 for Greater Metro Manila area) if they need technical support. A NEO Technical Expert will identify and troubleshoot if there are problems with the unit. Afterwards, a pick-up schedule will be agreed upon by both the NEO Technical Expert and the customer. Within seven working days from the day of pick-up, a replacement/repaired unit will be sent to the customer.

This is the only warranty service agreement of its kind in the country, owing to NEO’s confidence in the Omnipad’s state-of-the-art and quality features.

NEO also has tie-ups with service centers outside Metro Manila to cater their customers across the country.

I’d say congratulations to NEO for their 10 years of providing affordable computing systems. They are one of the reason why computing systems are now more affordable and can be available for everyone. Providing the products mentioned

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