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After our review of Superlux HD661, here’s another headphone that would make you “Boom… Boom… Boom…”

Superlux is one of the best selling headphones providing quality audio for all kinds of users from simple beats fans to professional DJ’s mixing up music. Let’s see how this can delivers sounds from our favorite movies and songs that we are playing.


Superlux HD 681’s box is very attractive – it looks like a very expensive product. The box has a glossy cover that has a photo of the unit in front.

The box contains the following:

-HD681 Professional Monitoring Headphones
-1M Straight Cable (3.5mm jack)
-3M Straight Cable (3.5mm jack)
-6.3mm adapter (for you, mixers, out there)
-Soft carrying pouch


Look and feel


What I have with me is a white HD681 unit. It has a very unique design. Unlike other brands, it doesn’t have an adjustment knob or button to adjust the size but instead it has self-adjusting headband that adjusts itself depending on the size of the head of its user. It does not have a fixed long cable attached to it but instead it has a connector that you can use in connecting it to a device. You have an option whether you’ll use the 1M cable or the 3M one. You also have an option to use a longer cable if you want to but I don’t guarantee that you’ll get the same results like the 1M and the 3M ones. I find the ear pads soft and comfortable. As a supra-aural headphone, it covers the whole ear which produces sound that somehow emulates surround audio setup.

Boom… Boom… Boom… with Superlux HD681 EVO


When I was in highschool I am a big fan of So So Def Bass Superstar, so when I got this unit, I played it right away and it just did not disappoint me. It seemed like I have a sub woofer connected to my ears. Really impressive! I also tried  connecting it to my Samsung Galaxy Note II and selected the sound alive option of my choice. It emulated a 7.1 channel very well. I tried to watch Step Up 3 Blu-Ray copy to get HQ sound and I am simply amazed. This supra-aural headphone is one of the best of its kind in terms of price and quality.

I’ve also put the Superlux HD681 to the test with Empi Martinez’s bass cover of “Man In The Mirror”.


Dr. Dre beats software MOD with Superlux HD681

Beats by Dr. Dre is a really expensive device but why buy one if you can get it with Superlux HD681. Here is a tip from XDA Developers so you can get great bass background with Superlux HD681. I have tested this on my Galaxy Note II. It can be used in other Android devices too. If your music player does not have an option for the equalizer, you may use Google Play Music.

Step 1 : Open your stock music player.
Step 2: Go to equalizer.
Step 3: Select custom .
Step 4: Set it to the number on the bottom . (For equalizer , 5 4 2 3 4 5 6,)
Step 5: go to extended, (you can only set this setting when your headphone is plugged in) , Set to 1 3 _ _ 1 ( _ means no changes)


This is one impressive audio device that I want to have. As a BPO consultant, I can use this while listening to call audits and other stuff or while travelling. But at my age, carrying it around my neck or walk around with this on my head does not conjunct with my fashion style. Perhaps the looks will really fit on  younger users but the great sound quality this can gives off is really for everyone to enjoy.

With the price of Php1990, this is already one of the best headphones in the market that surely gives great value to your money. Great sound quality and value for money is the edge of Superlux HD681 that will make you go “Boom… Boom… Pow!”

Now do you want this headphone? Hit the comments below, show Superlux that you want it and we might raffle this off!

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