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It’s been 2 years now since the last time that I used a Nokia device and I got excited when I got to hold of the Nokia 206. The phone has Dual SIM feature which is very convenient instead of carrying two phones. On top of it, it is very light that it only weighs approximately 90 grams so it seems that you are just carrying your car keys in your pocket.

The phone has a 2.4 screen which is wide enough to see what you are typing and reading your message. The screen is quite ordinary as the previous phones released by Nokia such as the E-series. It doesn’t change that much when it comes to the image of the screen. For the body, the phone has a glossy finish on the front and matte finish at the back plus a larger alphanumeric keypad which is very convenient in tying. I could still recall the days when I could drive while texting without even looking at the phone because I already have memorized the keys. It has a standard menu which is found on Nokia’s E-series so it was quite easy for me to navigate since menu is the same.  On top are the charging port and 3.5mm jack for the headset. Left side is the SIM 2 slot. It has nothing on the right side and bottom of the phone. When you remove the back cover and battery you’ll find the SIM 1 slot and the memory card slot. It has rounded corners which gives a good grip when using the phone. It may seem that it is just the same as the previous phones released by Nokia but there is something new to this phone.

It has a 1.3 megapixel camera which is not really a high resolution one but already good enough from a Series 40 phone. It has application such as the browser, Nokia apps, Nokia life, plus social networking applications like Facebook, eBuddy Messenger, and Viber. Other apps like java games can also be downloaded.

While reading the booklet that comes in with the box, it is said that the Nokia Xpress Browser would reduce the cost of data transfer. It is quite obvious because of its screen size. It does not load so much information. Though it has browser and social networking apps, the Nokia 206 only offers GPRS connection so it will take longer time in loading a page which you would like to visit.

The phone also offers MMS messaging. It also has an FM radio which lets you record the station that you are trying to listen. It can adjust its brightness on the display menu. The memory of the phone is only 10MB but then it can be expanded up to 32MB so you’ll have more music to store on your phone.

The Nokia 206 does not have so much change from the previous releases but I am satisfied with its performance especially when it comes to the battery life and the convenience of a Dual SIM phone. I am not expecting a very smooth interface and user experience but I think the Nokia 206 is not intended for a unique and overwhelming experience. I think the phone is intended to give you a convenience of carrying a phone with two SIMs plus the light weight feel that that it’s like nothings in your pocket. The battery life of the phone is very impressive. I was able to use it up to 5 days without charging with a regular use for calls and text and casual use of music player and radio with two SIMs being used at the same time. Probably it would last for 15-20 days in a very minimal use although it was said that it could last for month on standby.

This may not be your primary phone to show off to your friends but with Nokia 206 you’ll be the only one using a phone when your friends’ phones has ran out of juice.

The Nokia 206 has a suggested retail price of PhP2, 850 and is available in authorized dealers and Nokia stores nationwide. It features a vibrant color palette of cyan, magenta and yellow including the basic white and black.

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