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Call Center, C3, Customer Contact Channel, BPO, call center jobs, Fun and Work, Careers

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Call Center, C3, Customer Contact Channel, BPO, call center jobs, Fun and Work, Careers

Last March 8, we were invited by C3 (Customer Contact Channels) in their office at Bonifacio Global City to have a simple lunch with them and for us to know who they are and what they do. We had a warm welcome from the top management of C3. Aside from the warm welcome we had a good experience talking to them. They are really accommodating. The Training Director sat with us for a short talk before the program started and I am personally amazed with his ideas on how they are running their call center.


The Facilities

C3 has the state of the art facilities which make working conducive to its employees. They have spacious work stations which provide employees a breather after each call. They have comfortable swivel chairs which help their employees feel relaxed while taking calls. All of the floors have their own designated pantry in which employees can have a quick bite during their break periods. They also have televisions and computers in their pantry where they can watch something or browse on their favorite social networking sites during their breaks. They also have a number of training rooms that can be used to train their employees to become better in what they do. Plus, all of the floors have their own smoking area so that those employees who smoke don’t need to go down from the building just to smoke. This has helped them a lot in the issue of schedule adherence.

From a point of view of a Tenured Call Center Employee

I am an experienced employee in the BPO industry and I can say that C3 has something which you cannot be found in most of the call centers. I have experienced different environment of one call center to the other. It seems that C3 was able to get hold of a very good strategy on how to have fun while working. The first employees of the company came from different call center, thus, giving them the advantage of gathering all the positive ways on management putting it in a nice package and offering it to their employees for a fun and unique work experience. They have lots of unique strategies which makes their workplace a second home for their employees. According to Braden Wheeler, the Director for Training and Quality Assurance, C3 has gone back to the fundamentals and that makes them unique from the other call centers.

“We are going back to the fundamentals; the things that we’ve gotten away from the call center industry. Things that seems so simple and so basic that should be in placed to attract, to keep employees around, and give them the opportunity to grow in the organization. That’s what we should be focusing on.”

“We provide the right tools in supporting our employees. That shows attractiveness to this organization so people would want to work with you, and once part of the organization, we are supporting them and we make sure that they have the tools necessary for them to be successful with their job. ” 

“If you got a happy employee, everything falls in its place; when it comes to attendance, performance… getting back to those fundamentals is what actually makes us unique in the marketplace now.”

-Braden Wheeler

The Social Responsibility

C3 has really impressed me when I learned about their activities on how they helped their employees and the community where they belong. Here is Ms. Crystabel Cardenas talks about the career growth that she have with C3 and how the company does their social responsibility to the community.


The Fun Environment

After the event, I posted some pictures on my Facebook wall and a friend commented on it. She is working with C3 and she told me that it is really a good place to work. The Vice President and the Directors are really friendly and approachable. The company gives a lot of perks to the employees. They even have a wheel of fortune for their employees wherein they can win fabulous prizes like gadgets, gift checks, and cash. There is a family like environment which makes the employees at home even while working. The company officers are the first ones to approach the employees to check and ask on the things that they might need for them to be happy at work. Well done. I know some on the company that has this but perhaps not all.

The Plans

C3 has big plans for their people. Right now they are focusing on opening more career growth opportunities for their employees. One of the best that is included in their plan is providing scholarships to their employees. This will give a chance to those who were not able to finish their collegiate studies to continue with their chosen course and earn their degree. With this kind of move, their employees will be more equipped and will have a better career in the industry.

Working with C3 seems to be promising. I had thoughts of sending them my resume and have a chance of working with them, but then, I had to think again because Bonifacio Global City is quite far from my place and I have to be travelling 2 hours before my shift in order to get there on time. Perhaps, if they will have an office nearer at my place, somewhere in Quezon City of Ortigas, most probably I’d be submitting my credentials to them. I would definitely recommend them to those people looking for a job that offers big career growth. A company where in someone would like to work with… a company that cares.

Want to work with C3? We’re here to help you. Click HERE to apply.

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