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Beyond the Box is spreading the love as early as now with their Valentine’s Day promo. Buy any product of Inboosta, Urbanears, or Speck, and get the second one for your special someone at 50% off.


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Got to call your special someone but your battery has run out? Inboosta battery booster is perfect. Go anywhere without worrying you getting the juice off. You can always stay connected with your special someone anytime, anywhere. No more looking for a place to juice up your phone when you ran out of power. Spend all your day talking with your special someone till V-day, charge up with Inboosta as soon as you hear the beep.


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Hear the beat of your heart through your ears with Urbanears headsets. Listen to your favorite love songs and reminisce the good times together. With Urbanears, your precious moments together come alive while listening to your precious tunes with these headsets. Pump your heart beating while you pin your ears back to your sugary conversations that you have recorded in the past, savoring every second of it with clear sound from your Urbanear headsets. Nothing beats a good music when played on perfect equipment.



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Getting sentimental every time you’re looking at your device given to you by “CupCake”? Extra care is the best for you. Scratches and dusts touching you device brought you tears. Speck is a No More Tears Formula for you. Complete protection from scratches and dust for your gadget. Making you proud to show it and brag—“I am taking care of this with my own Life.” Special things with unforgettable memories needs special protection and Speck will take care of your device for you.



Inboosta, Urbanears, and Speck—perfect gift for you and your special someone made better with Beyond the Box Valentine’s Day promo. If there are couple shirts, treat yourselves a “Couple Gadget.”

You may visit Beyond the Box through their website

Promo runs from February 8-17 or until supplies last.


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