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In the midst of the proliferation of Apple, Samsung and Sony, I am still a fan of Nokia especially their Asha line. In fact, I’ve been using a Nokia Asha 303 for months now. Surprisingly, the roster of apps available for Series40 phones like the Asha 303 are few and quite impressive. Forget about awesome 3D graphics and eye-candy designs, what matters most in S40 apps is utility – that’s the state of being useful or beneficial.

Here are some of the best free apps I’ve been using on my Asha 303. If you have an S40 phone, I suggest that you download them via Nokia Store.


After its huge success on Apple, Android and Windows devices, MMDA finally managed to make one for S40 Nokia phones.

Similar to its versions for other devices, the MMDA Nokia app only features a Line View that shows traffic status, which are indicated by color schemes from red to green. Unfortunately, the System and Map views are not available due to system and hardware requirements. But who needs the aforementioned views anyway? In my opinion, the Live View is already sufficient enough to provide helpful information about traffic in Manila.

Verdict: Download this NOW! You’ve got nothing to lose as this app is totally free. Get it here free.

Our Rating: [Rating:4/5]

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2. eGospel

I picked eGospel right away upon seeing it on Nokia Store as I always wanted to read the scriptures for the day. I actually have similar apps for my other devices.

The eGospel displays the days current scriptures: 1st Reading, Psalms, 2nd Reading (if applicable) and Gospel. It displays the full text of the bible reading. I would have been better had the developers included support on other languages like Tagalog or Visayan.

Still, the app does its job very well.

Verdict: I thought that it would be cool to say that this app is developed by the Claretian Communications Foundation Inc. Technically, the app basically receives data pushed by Daily Gospel upon application launch. This saves you more time compared to going to Nokia Browser and visiting Daily Gospels through ABS-CBN’s portal. Download this!

Our Rating: [Rating:3.5/5]

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3. Facebook for S40

This is a no-brainer but having this on your S40 Nokia phone sets the latter on par with other non-Nokia phones. It’s the “great equalizer app”: It’s like saying, “You’ve got an iPhone. I’ve got an Asha. Both of us can post Facebook status using our phones!”

Surprisingly, this app is packed with features that you can find on other versions for other phones. Apart from being able to post a status update, you can also: take, edit and share a picture; check-in; visit Facebook pages; and a lot more.

Verdict: My Asha 303 has pre-installed Social app but I stopped using it as it lacks features compared to Facebook’s official app. It’s always to have this in your phone. Get this!

Our Rating: [Rating:4/5]

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4. WhatsApp for S40

More and more people are ditching SMS in favor of online messaging apps like WhatsApp. With WhatsApp, it’s possible to send/receive messages and other compatible multimedia to/from someone through the app no matter what kind of unit that’s being used. This messaging solution basically “killed” the defunct unique features of BBM.

WhatsApp for S40 does the job similar to its iOS and Android versions. User-experience is the same; even its 2-step registration and verification process.

In lieu of pop-up WhatsApp messaging notification, S40 devices like my Asha 303 simply displays the name of the sender with message plus a neat WhatsApp icon on the status bar.

Verdict: This app is an always-on application so this is best used if you have an unlimited data plan. Dude, you’ve been warned.

Our Rating: [Rating:3/5]

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5. iTyphoon

Perhaps, the most relevant S40 app on my Asha is iTyphoon. This displays important information about current/incoming typhoon in the Philippines with features such as detailed forecast, track map, and preparedness list.

I believe that you would be delubyo-ready and prepared-for-crisis if you have this app and the MMDA app. I really didn’t think that the developers would pull off an app like this for S40 phones.

Verdict: The developers are indeed serious about providing detailed forecast on this app. ‘Detailed’ is actually an understatement. The track map shows the likely positions of a typhoon based on current details. This app is a must-have on your phone especially this rainy season. Go get it here!

Our Rating: [Rating:4.5/5]

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Of course, I highly recommend that you download our official app from Nokia Store! With Gadget Pilipinas app, you’ve got easy access to our news, reviews and annoucements!

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Our Rating: [Rating:5/5]

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