Smart Nabs iPhone 4S, Globe Telecom Loses Exclusive Love Affair with Apple

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This is BIG NEWS!

I just read an article of Doris Dumlao of Philippine Daily Inquirer about the imminent availability of the iPhone 4S through the country’s network giant, Smart Communications. This is not a surprising move from Smart though as they originally bid for the iPhone exclusive before, but Globe got it instead.

According to Dumlao, “Manuel V. Pangilinan, chairman of Smart’s parent firm Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co., confirmed that Smart was in talks with Apple to launch the latest version of the iPhone—iPhone4S—before yearend.”

With Globe losing the exclusivity deal with Apple, the seemingly hot “war” between the 2 telco giants are likely to even heat up hundredfold. Note that the iPhone is one of the best selling phones of all time, and being “at the top of the foodchain”, any telco that carries it really posts significant boost on sales. I believe, the competition will become more services-based, not just simply handset availability.

In case you’re living in a rock since you were born, the iPhone is one of Apple’s most successful consumer products. Collaborately invented and designed by the late Steve Jobs and Jonathan Ive, the original iPhone was launched in 2007. It was not made locally available in the Philippines until iPhone 3G was announced in 2008.

The iPhone 3G was then followed by iPhone 3GS in 2009 and the iPhone 4 in 2010. All iPhones from 3G to 4 were exclusively offered by Globe Telecom.

What’s with the iPhone 4S?
Some may have reacted indifferently towards Apple’s new product, the iPhone 4S, last October 4 in Cupertino, California. For a lot of iPhone 5 hopefuls, they thought that the iPhone 4S is an unworthy upgrade from the iPhone 4. Many believed though (like me), especially the iPhone 3GS users, thought that the iPhone 4S is really made for them just in time after their 2-year standard telco contract.


The iPhone 4S is endowed with the fast Apple A5 processor, similar to that of iPad 2’s. It has fast 8 megapixels rear camera and VGA front facing camera. And yes, let’s not forget it’s most celebrated feature – Siri, the most advanced Virtual Assistant.

I, for one, am very excited to know that Smart finally scored a deal with Apple. As an iPhone 4 user, I am particularly more interested to see what’s next year. Will I be renewing my plan with Globe next year and get the iPhone 5? It looks like I am more inclined to get it from Smart. So, please Smart – go grab it too; grab it fast.

Hey guys – what’s your take on this. Hit the comments. Let’s discuss.

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