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Believe it or not, the Samsung N220’s specs closely resemble the Samsung N150 I featured just recently except for 2 glaring differences. The latter commensurates for the 3,000 differences compared to the N150; but is it really worth it?

Last Tuesday, Samsung released their latest range of netbooks in the guise of the N150 and N220. The 2 variances are essentially similar except for the battery life, processor speed and design. There is two noteworthy features that I found on the N220 that N150 lacks – the 14-Hour battery life and the Phoenix Hyperspace™ “Instant ON”.

14 hours of usage time? Get out of here. Apparently, according to Samsung – its  usage time is the model’s most celebrated feature. Imagine, this netbook can withstand your boredom and it can stay on even if you’re already sick tired of your work.

Meanwhile, the Phoenix Hyperspace™ “Instant ON” allows the devices to turn on and immediately go online without having to wait for Windows to boot. Well, think of it as a dedicated operating system that instantly boots if you wish to go online, watch movies and check your latest Facebook gossips without having to go through the 15-20 second boot time of the Windows 7 OEM of the netbook. Pretty slick, right?

Here’s how Hyperspace looks like in action:


Here’s the full comparison of the specs of both netbooks:

Comparison of N220 and N150

Check out some pics of the Samsung N220:

Samsung N220 Plus Philippines 1

Samsung N220 Plus Philippines 2

Here’s the full press release of Samsung:

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Samsung’s New Netbook Extend The Limits of Style and Mobility

Samsung’s N220 Plus 10.1” netbook delivers all-day battery life with up to 14 hours of power in an elegant crystal pattern design

Samsung Electronics Philippines, Corp (SEPCO), a market leader in consumer electronics, and world leader in IT Technology, today launched the latest addition to its award-winning range of netbooks, the Samsung N220 Plus, which offers up to 14 hours of secure connected mobility. The impressive battery powered performance is possible because overall power consumption is reduced by their energy efficient LED display, optimized performance and Samsung’s proprietary Enhanced Battery Life Solution.

The N220 Plus also has several display features that enhance its user’s visual experience. The new netbook’s 10.1” LED anti-reflective display fine tunes movies and images with the sharpest images and boldest colors, and there is no mirror effect under bright lights or in sunny weather. Using the integrated Easy Resolution Manager Tool, screen resolution can easily be changed if a program or game needs to be viewed in 1024 x 768. For added visual enhancements, the new N220 Plus offers an integrated Digital LiveCam for video-conferencing or live messaging.

The N220 Plus also comes with a range of tools for greater ease of use and securing your PC. Firstly, the Phoenix Hyperspace™ “Instant ON” capacity allows the devices to turn on and immediately go online without having to wait for Windows to boot. The “Smart Power Management” allows the netbook to conserve more battery power without user intervention.  The AnyPC remote PC access application enables a secure one-click connection to a home or office PC, making it safe and easy to transfer and view files on the go. Phoenix FailSafe ® software provides useful tool for tracking your pc if it’s stolen. This powerful theft deterrence service lets you track the location of a lost or stolen netbook and encrypt, manage, retrieve or erase your vital data.

The Samsung N220 Plus incorporates Intel’s latest processor, the Intel® Atom™ N470, which is specifically designed to deliver amazing Internet experience using netbooks. Based on an entirely new micro-architecture, the Intel® Atom™ processor increases energy efficiency to extend battery life, while delivering enhanced mobile performance and increased system responsiveness.

“Featuring Samsung’s new crystal design pattern, the Samsung N220 Plus lead the range with a pragmatic approach that takes ultra mobile computing into a whole new dimension. Longer battery life is an important issue for customers, and we are proud to deliver a feature rich netbook that allows you to get wirelessly connected easily, and for such a long time,” says Jefferson Cheng, SEPCO Product Manager for Netbooks and Notebooks.

Like other Samsung netbooks, the N220 Plus has been awarded the leading environmental and usability standard, TCO Certified and is ECO RoHS compliant. As well as being ergonomically designed for optimum ease and use of performance, Samsung netbooks are completely mercury free and consume significantly less power thanks to their LED backlit displays. Their ultra lightweight, robust and compact design also offers other ‘green’ advantages, as less energy is used in the manufacture and usage phase of their product life.

The Samsung N220 Plus is available in leading computer stores nationwide with a standard retail price of 24,900 pesos.

For complete product specs, please visit


Giancarlo Viterbo is a Filipino Technology Journalist, blogger and Editor of, He is also a Geek, Dad and a Husband. He knows a lot about washing the dishes, doing some errands and following instructions from his boss on his day job. Follow him on twitter: @gianviterbo and @gadgetpilipinas.

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