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Chrome for N900

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Things just keep getting better and better for Nokia N900 users. Jacekowski recently ported the crowd-favorite browser to the Nokia N900 and it’s wildly fast and furiuos. Since it is still in alpha stage, there are still a couple of bugs like the inability switching back to normal tabbed view from full screen and incompatibilities of certain extensions. (Yes, google chrome extensions, you heard me.)

Here are instructions on how to install Chrome:

1. Be sure that first that you understand this application is a work in progress.

2. Required files are ‘libxss-1.1.3.deb’ and ‘chromium-5.0.369.2.deb’, which you can get from Jace Kowski’s repo. You may download these 2 files straight from your N900. Be sure to remember where you placed them in your N900 since you will use terminal to install these 2 files.

3. ‘sudo gainroot’ to go root using terminal.

4. cd to wherever you placed the 2 files. I placed them in MyDocs/Downloads thus i typed in ‘cd MyDocs/Downloads’.

5. Once you’re in Downloads folder, execute these 2 commands in order

  • dpkg -i libxss-1.1.3.deb
  • dpkg -i chromium-5.0.369.2.deb

That’s it. Tapos na. You may now use Chrome.

Chrome for N900

Chrome for N900 2

Have you tried this application? What can you say? Hit the comments.

(via Jacekowski)

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