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Before I start this tech-blog, I’d like to congratulate myself because I’m going to be a father. C’mon, let me take this as my moment before the N900 steals it away in this blog.

Alright, last August, I’ve decided to give up my Iphone. It’s gone, and as mentioned, I’m happy with it. (Although I miss it every time I’m in a free wifi hotspot). A worthy replacement has come out. Behold, Nokia’s first MID (Mobile Internet Device) with phone features, the Nokia N900. IMO, this is the Iphone Killer!

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The Nokia N900 is the latest MID unveiled by Nokia. It’s 3 predecessors were only MIDs and lack the features that Nokia is used to provide to its customers – Phone, EDGE/3G/HSDPA and SMS.

Puwede na bang sabihin that N900 is better than it’s predecessors then? Absolutely! Why?

The N900 boasts lots of features. It can instantly give you burgers, fries and UP-style isaw manok. Just joking. Here are the noteworthy features of this gadget:

1. Though Nokia calls it an MID, for us Pinoys, it’s a Phone that I can play Farmville through it

Yes you read that right. This phone is packed with Firefox-powered browser, which is capable of playing Flash 9.4 elements. Why is it cool? It is rare for mobile devices to be capable of playing flash elements. Does this mean, I can play Youtube videos directly from Youtube website? Malaking titik “O” ang sagot jan – Oo!


2. It has accelerenometer.

What does that mean? Think Iphone/Ipod Touch. N900, just like Nokia embedded on their N97 and 5880, is also packed with accelerenometer-goodness. Think of the games that will be developed for this mobile device. Para may patikim, here’s a video, which shows the gaming capability of this device using accelerenometer.


3. Monster CPU

This phone has ARM Cortex A8 600 MHz, PowerVR SGX graphics CPU in it. This CPU is also what’s inside the New Iphone 3G S. With this CPU, applications and games that will be developed for this phone will be eye-candy and great graphics!

One of the reasons why this phone comes with a monster CPU is to fully support its multi-tasking feature – thanks to this phone’s linux-based operating system, Maemo 5.


Full Features (compiled by Apache – Symbian-Freak)
1. 3.5 inch Resistive touch screen
2. 800 x 480 Screen Resolution
3. 32 GB inbuilt memory ,
4. Micro SDHC Slot For Expandable Memory upto 48GB (like in N97)
5. FM receiver and transmitter*
6. Gsm + Gprs + Hspa 1700/2100 + Wlan + Bluetooth with a2dp
7. Cpu ARM cortex A8 @ 600mhz upto 1Ghz (similar to iPhone 3GS and palm pre)
8. 256 MB ram + 512MB virtual Memory
9. Support for Open GL 2.0
10. Video out
11. Charging via usb
12. 5 MP Carl Zeiss 2.8/5.2 AF With Dual LED flash, back facing camera.
13. Low resolution Web Cam in the front
14. 3 Row keyboard. With 4 directional Arrow Keys instead of D-Pad.
15. Accelerometer
16. GPS
17. Ambient light sensor.
18. OS – Maemo 5 – 80% open source
19. Application manager with 99% free applications and popular ports of desktop Linux applications.
20. Kick stand.
21. Ability to Run Firefox 3.5 and Open Office
22.With Full Flash Support.

Now you see why I find this device so awesome and cowabungga!

This device will be available by first week of October. But you can already pre-order it through NokiaUSA or Amazon. Nokia sells it for $649+ and Amazon sells it for $588.99. (You read that right.)

For Pinoys who would want to buy this, NokiaUSA will not allow you to pre-order it if you don’t have a credit card with US billing address. This prompted me to ask a friend to buy it from me. If you pre-order it through NokiaUSA, you’ll get a free BH-703 Bluetooth headset. Later, I asked my friend to order from Amazon instead since it’s cheaper by a hundred bucks. (Wala kasing libreng bluetooth headset.) I don’t need it anyway so mas nagustuhan ko ang offer ng Amazon.

With Amazon, total bill is $705.00 (including (1) one-day shipping to Johnny Air NY [the one who will ship the unit to the Philippines] & (2) 16GB Micro-SD card. Credit Card will be charged ‘pag i-ship na ang unit to Johnny Air.

3 weeks pa ako mag-hihintay before it arrives to the Philippines but I believe that it’ll be worth the wait. Parang ‘pag hihintay lang yan sa baby naming mag-asawa. 8 months na paghihintay pa pero ‘pag dumating ay nag-uumaapaw na kaligayan naman ang dulot (nosebleed-alert). Difference is that the N900 will be a temporal bliss but our child will be a bliss of a lifetime.

Good night peeps!

Giancarlo Viterbo is a Filipino Technology Journalist, blogger and Editor of gadgetpilipinas.net, He is also a Geek, Dad and a Husband. He knows a lot about washing the dishes, doing some errands and following instructions from his boss on his day job. Follow him on twitter: @gianviterbo and @gadgetpilipinas.

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