LG G6 Review: A Big Step Forward

The launch of LG’s newest flagship signified the company’s return to the traditional approach to smartphone design compared to its modular predecessor. This time, they went for a complete redesign, starting...

LG G6 Local Price is PhP 37,990: Pre-Order Starts April 17!

The long wait is finally over as LG's newest flagship is coming very very soon to Philippine shores, and with that, comes the announcement of the pre-order period for the LG...

LG Sets a New Trend with the G6’s 18:9 Screen to Body Ratio

At the Launch of the G6 at this year's Mobile World Congress, LG Electronics showcased an evolution of the mobile landscape, as it presented one of the most unique features of...

The LG G6 is Now Official: Snapdragon 821, Dual 13MP Cameras, 5.7-Inch QHD Display

LG has just unveiled its newest flagship, the LG G6, which is primarily built from the voice of consumers. The G6 is IP68 certified for water and dust resistance, and utilizes a...

LG V20 Pre-Order Starts On October 14! (With Instructions)

The LG V20, the first smartphone to run Android Nougat, and feature Hi-Fi Quad DAC Audio, is set to arrive in PH soon. Priced at PhP35,990, interested buyers can avail of a...

LG Announces Multimedia Oriented V20 Smartphone

Following on the footsteps of its predecessor, LG Electronics has recently announced the newest addition to its V-series lineup, the LG V20, which presents itself as a multimedia oriented device designed...

LG G5 Review: Powerful and Friendly

Check out our extensive review of the LG G5.

LG Launches LG G5 and Friends in the Philippines

The long wait is finally over. 2 months after the worldwide reveal of the LG G5 at the Mobile World Congress, LG Mobile Philippines finally launches it along with the full range of its accessories in the Philippines.

LG G5 Announced, Features Modular Accessories

When LG announced that their launch event has something to with "LG G5 and Friends", I didn't think that LG was going to announce LG G5 as a semi-modular premium smartphone.

LG V10 review

We can't count how many times we've encountered people who firmly believe that there's only so many ways you can turn a rectangular slab of metal, glass, and plastic, to make...

The Best Things in 2015: Gadget Pilipinas Awards

Without further much ado, we would like to present to you the BEST THINGS in 2015! Congratulations to the brands who made these wonderful products. And to our fellow consumers who purchased the products below - give your gadgets a tight hug!

LG Launches LG V10 in the Philippines

LG launched another groundbreaking product, the LG V10, which really made me jump off my seat... literally.

Google Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P officially announced, built in collaboration with LG and...

"Another year, another Google Nexus device" has almost become a cliche at this point, but we're not about to start complaining. Google has just officially unveiled not just one, but two...

LG G4 Stylus review

Introduction Design and Hardware Display and Speaker Camera Stylus Software The LG G4 Stylus is a phone that, by virtue of its name, literally needs no further introduction. It says mostly everything you need to know about...
LG G4 Stylus

LG G4 Stylus Debuts in the Philippines, Priced PhP10,990

If you're into Colorfy app (yeah that coloring app for adults) LG just got the right gadget for you - the LG G4 Stylus. The LG G4 Stylus almost bears the same...
LG Magna Unboxing

LG Magna and LG Leon Unboxing and Quick Impressions

We unboxed the LG Magna and LG Leon, LG's new budget phones that cost PhP9,990 and PhP5,990 respectively. Check out the video after the jump.

LG G4 Quick Impressions [Video]

We got lucky and privileged to try the new LG G4 for 12 hours. Thanks to DDB PR and LG Philippines for allowing us to use it so we can quickly give our impressions and video. Play the video to know more.

Why are we excited with the upcoming LG G4?

LG G4 is just around the corner, and we just can't wait to see and touch it in full glory. We've seen leaked photos and information online, but nothing beats the...