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  • Charles

    Yes it is fast but not durable enough. After 3 months of moderate use, mine suddenly won’t turn-on. And when I brought it to the service center, I learned that it was the common problem of this brand. But I am hoping that they will address this problem soon

  • Sunny Boy Jumawan

    Easly lowbat…

  • Joan Baino

    I bought it 2 months ago. I love it actually and affordable too. But when I try to use its 3g by connecting the dongle, it doesnt work. :( I don’t know what to do. sa inyo po gumana ba? If yes po, ask lang sana ako if pano mo ginawa yun. Thanks po

  • Andi

    I bought mine last Dec.2013 tpos kelangan ko na ipa service ng January 2014 (speaker and screen rotation problem) naibalik skin ng MegaPhone in Festival Mall March na. I cant connect to the internet using the 3g dongle. the manual doesnt say if you need to switch something in the settings pa. since i dont have wifi,i use my laptop to install apk files for the apps. i hope somebody figures out how to make the 3g dongle connection work.

  • ssarene

    it has been 7 months when we bought nitro 401D and in that time span, we had few problems,..first, the battery is really short that’s why we have needed to buy power bank so that there would be extension of its life and once it had reached 0%, its charger can’t give power on the phone that’s why we need to put the battery in the universal charger..and second, the sim2 first, it was working but later on, we can’t use it anymore..

    We had addressed those problems in the branch where we bought it but they said, they can’t fix it,..we should have gone to the main branch..wherein it was far away where we live and we doesn’t know how to go there,..
    I think, every store of it should have customer care service that would give attention and fix the problems about their product..they should be the one who should reach out for their customers and not the other way around,..
    Because they were new, they should be ready about it..

    Before we bought it, there were people who were complaining about the unit that they bought but we just ignore it, thinking that maybe it was just because of the way they use them..
    We just ignored those problems about the unit we bought, thinking that there were some remedies but now it was all shut is not was very disappointing and irritating..

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