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  • Max

    This product is unreliable…7.2mbps is salesman promise but in actual..ohh my God, thats why prices go down, even in facebook its hard to send. signal cutting out all the time,you need to reset this all the time hoping and praying to get a good IP address. After sales support sucks, they always say they,re fixing tower heyyy its 3 months already, they only want your money.this is BS product and Globe services are very bad.(they stop foreign investor at congress because they know their services sucks-only 2 Globe and Smart, how about ZTE) signal is always cutting out.I dont recommend this s#!%.I live in Cebu city proper.Check your tower.

  • Crank That

    plsss answer my question asap.. i order globe tattoo superstick and i will insert my postpaid sim there what would be the speed because in my postpaid sim it is plan 999 with the speed of 12mbps but tattoo superstick is only 7.2mbps max.. what speed i could get..?? still i get the speed of 12mbps because of my sim or it is only 7.2 mbps because it is the max of the superstick.. pls.. answer asap.. thnx in advance..

  • raj

    Tattoo Globe LTE is quite good when it comes for speed. The only thing is that there are many agents who are selling their products tells BIG lies.

    In my case, I bought P1299 3mbps monthly bundle plan. I was supposed to get free landline phone. They just gave me an awkward and useless phone through which I can only call free to GLOBE and TM. If anybody from PLDT landline wants to call me then they have to pay extra. Means, it is not at all landline. During installation also they told me it is landline.

    Not only this they sent me a telephone bill for 599peso, for the one which i never used. This is quite ridiculous. When I complained then they waived that bill. What if I have not complained? It is big question mark about reliability of company too …..

    So dear consumers be careful what are you buying. For me Tatto Globe LTE speed is good but the impression I got of them is quite different.


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