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  • MaxiVelasco

    I am actually considering the possibility of getting this phone instead of the iPhone 4S. My iPhone 3GS is getting 3 years old this year and I feel like I deserve to get a new phone. I might be going back to Nokia. Not sure yet though.

  • Ram

    Very intensely reviewed. Great job! I have to agree that the Lumia 800 is definitely one of the BEST smartphones available in the market today. I actually liked Nokia’s idea of havign their phones on Windows Mango instead of Android. At least, we’d see something different this time.

  • Cesar Antonio Calayan Cuaresma

    Lumia 800 user here too! I agree with the battery observation, as I haven’t received the formware update yet.

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  • Grendell

    Had a chance on both. Though I had ordered the N9 a few months earlier. The speed is impressive compared to the N9, cameras are roughly on par with the N9 winning out be a slight margin on images but the lumia getting the nod on video (by an even smaller margin). Lumia 800 users will miss out on nfc, which at this time is only good for pairing audio devices (play 360 speaker, and a few headsets) as well as other NFC enabled devices. Still its a novelty at this stage. The lack of a front camera may hurt the Lumia 800 but As there is only one downloadable app on the N9 that currently uses this (and its not all that great). The advantage is also slight.
    Users upgrading from feature phones may take to the Lumia 800 faster as it provides a very simple interface while those who have previously owned smartphones may gravitate towards the N9’s rather novel interface. Video-wise N9 gets the nod with an extra .2″ of screen and a 64gb option.
    Hope that helps some of you decide.

  • Luis

    I am considering this cp instead of the iPhone 4s,so many friends are complaining that their iPhones hanged and some even blackedout for good,I hope Nokia is more durable and has great value for money

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  • Robert Cyril Soria

    It’s impossible but I want Nokia Lumia 800.☻

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